Katie Thurston Slammed by Fans for Her Response to Magi Tareke

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Katie Thurston sat down for an interview with Nick Viall on the Viall Files podcast back in June, and something that happened has caused a bit of a back-and-forth between Thurston and a former “Bachelor” contestant.

During a sort of Q&A portion of their chat, Viall asked Thurston if she could name four countries in Africa. Thurston laughed loudly before taking a drink. “I think you can do it,” Viall tells her.

“I thought it was like a ‘yes or no,’ ‘cuz I just want to say ‘no,'” Thurston said, laughing. “OK, don’t judge me. South Africa,” she says. “I hate this right now,” she says, and Viall tries to give her hints for which country she should say next. “I can’t. I don’t want to do this,” Thurston continues.

Viall goes on to name several countries in Africa, to which Thurston says she’s “blown away” and that she’s “very sheltered in [her] Washington life.”

Although it has been about a month since that interview happened, Magi Tareke, one of the women from Matt James’ season of “The Bachelor,” discussed the interview on her Instagram Stories, gently calling Thurston out for not being able to answer the question — and giving her some tips.

Here’s what you need to know:

Magi Tareke Called out Thurston for not Being Able to Name 4 Countries in Africa

Tareke took to her Instagram Stories on July 22, 2021, after apparently receiving messages from fans letting her know that Thurston couldn’t name four African countries when asked by Viall.

Overall, Tareke’s tone seemed friendly and informative.

“I got so many DMs asking me about Katie’s interview and a question if she [knew] African countries, and she didn’t mention mine,” Tareke said.

“Well, I’m from Tigray from Ethiopia,” Tareke continued. “Now you know. … By the way, Matt is half Nigerian. So, Nigeria, Ethiopia. Now you know two countries. If you need to know more let me know, I’ll teach you,” Tareke said.

Thurston Responded to Tareke & Was Subsequently Slammed by ‘Bachelor’ Fans, Some of Whom Called Her Response ‘Immature’

Thurston took to her Instagram Stories to reply to Tareke, and was later called out on social media for her response.

“I’m going to address this, as much as I’m embarrassed to do so. Magi — hi, how [are] you doing — made a statement about how I didn’t know five [sic] countries in Africa based on the podcast I did with Nick Viall. It really wasn’t anything more or less than just fear of looking stupid and not wanting to guess the wrong thing,” Thurston said.

“I tried to just not answer the question. Some people are offended, appalled, even going so far as questioning if I’m an ally, which is really upsetting, to be honest. But, anyway, short answer is, I’m sorry. Like I’m f****** stupid, I don’t know what you want me to tell you,” Thurston continued. “Do I know countries in Africa? Sure. Do I know a lot of them? Probably not.”

Thurston went on to suggest that she’s trying to learn all of the countries in Africa because she was “mortified.” She said it was “truly just a moment of blanking out.”

Several “Bachelor” fans took to this Reddit thread to discuss Thurston’s response to Tareke. Many people weren’t thrilled with the way in which Thurston chose to handle the situation, some saying that she had an attitude and was defensive, and others calling her response “immature.”

“Damn what’s with the attitude…” one Redditor commented.

“I think it’s time for me to draw a line. I’m done with this season. Before it started, I did like Katie, but I lost all respect for her. There’s nothing I hate like willful ignorance,” added another.

“It’s an extremely immature way of handling this… I am baffled by the lack of self awareness,” a third person wrote.

“Wow this was a terrible response. Also she claimed she blanked but also admitted in the video she didn’t know or want to guess something stupid (so again she just didn’t know). She should have just not responded at all rather than this. She also seems very defensive like she doesn’t understand why people are upset, nor does she seem embarrassed to me (more just mad she got called out),” a fourth echoed.

On July 23, 2021, Thurston posted an update of sorts to her Instagram Stories. “[Magi] and I have spoken privately and have nothing but love and respect for each other. Neither of us want negativity for each other. Please use your energy for something positive,” Thurston wrote.

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