Updated ‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers Revealed: Is Katie Thurston Single?

ABC Katie Thurston.

Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette” is set to come to a close on Monday, August 9, 2021. Those who have read “Bachelorette” spoilers know who Thurston ends up with on the finale, but many have been wondering if she and her season pick are still together.

The questions about Thurston’s relationship status come on the heels of a blowout fight that she had with suitor Greg Grippo that left fans wondering if Thurston was actually in love with him — and if she may have broken things off with her fiance to rekindle things with Grippo.

Other fans have wondered about Michael Allio’s Instagram behavior, all of which seems to suggest that Thurston is single at this point, despite getting engaged on the finale.

Warning: “Bachelorette” spoilers below. 

While Reality Steve has confirmed that Thurston ends up choosing Blake Moynes on the finale — and he does get down on one knee — it seems as though anything is possible in the world of reality television. Since the “After the Final Rose” special was taped weeks ago, it’s entirely possible that Thurston’s relationship status could have changed. But did it?

Here’s what you need to know:

Reality Steve Has Provided a ‘Bachelorette’ Update

ABCKatie Thurston & Blake Moynes.

Reality Steve isn’t backing down on his spoilers; Thurston got engaged to Moynes on the finale, and despite what theories you may be concocting, the two are still together — and happy, which is pretty important.

In his Reader Emails blog uploaded on August 4, one fan wrote in to ask the status of Thurston’s relationship with Moynes.

“I know Katie ends up with Blake engaged but some are currently questioning if they’re still together. Michael A. has been commenting some very flirty things on her Instagram which is leading people to believe that Katie is single at this point in time. I don’t think Michael is the type of guy to flirt with an engaged woman and try to win her back. Have you heard anything regarding whether Blake and Katie are still engaged right now?” the fan asked.

“Katie and Blake are engaged and are happy. Nothing has changed. People can read into the social media stuff and dissect it until they’re blue in the face. It will get them nowhere. They’re engaged,” Reality Steve responded.

A Leaked Photo From ‘ATFR’ Shows Thurston Wearing an Engagement Ring

ABCTayshia, Kaitlyn, and Katie on ‘ATFR.’

More than a week ago, a leaked photo of Thurston on the set of “After the Final Rose” was published — and then deleted — on Twitter. You can see the photo on Reddit here.

In the photo, Thurston is very clearly wearing a ring on that finger. The special was filmed in late July, and, judging by Thurston’s ring, fans are convinced that she’s still very much engaged.

Days before the “ATFR” special is set to air, ABC released some pictures from the taping, though production was very selective about what to show the public in an effort to avoid additional spoilers. If you take a look here, you’ll see that Thurston’s left hand isn’t visible in any of the pictures.

Fans are excited to see how everything plays out on the finale and are hoping that Thurston and Moynes will provide an update on social media after everything is out in the open.

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