Kendall Long Linked to Bachelor Nation Favorite Post-‘Paradise’

Getty Images Kendall Long.

Kendall Long made her entrance on “Bachelor in Paradise” on the Tuesday, August 31, 2021, episode, stepping onto the beach to shake things up, particularly for her ex-boyfriend, Joe Amabile.

Warning: Mild spoilers for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ ahead.

Once Kendall arrived in “Paradise,” she realized that Joe was in a sort of relationship with Serena Pitt. According to Reality Steve, Kendall didn’t end up finding a love connection in Mexico, and didn’t leave with anyone.

However, she may have moved on from Joe, officially, and could be dating someone else in Bachelor Nation. Kendall hasn’t gone public with any new relationship, but she hasn’t exactly denied the rumors, either — and neither has the guy that she’s been linked to.

Here’s what you need to know:

Kendall Was Hanging Out With Blake Hortsmann Last Month

Sometime after leaving Mexico, Kendall linked up with former “Bachelor in Paradise” playboy, Blake Hortsmann.

According to Bustle, Kendall has been talking to Blake — and no, the two didn’t meet at Stagecoach! It’s unclear if Kendall and Blake are romantically involved, but they were spotted hanging out at the beach back on August 12.

Kendall shared a couple of pictures from their time on Instagram. Although there wasn’t anything to suggest the two are an item in the pictures, fans couldn’t help but ship them!

“You guys would look great together!!” one social media user commented on the post.

“Ok but you and Blake make so much sense. Please be a thing,” added another.

“Awww you guysss .. you’d make the cutest couple ever. Whatcha waiting for?” a third person wrote.

“You two would be awesome together,” echoed a fourth.

Kendall Went to ‘Paradise’ to See Joe

Kendall and Joe broke things off in 2020 after about two years together. The two expressed deep appreciation and love for one another, but ultimately broke things off because Joe wanted to live in Chicago and Kendall wanted to live in Los Angeles.

Feelings hadn’t gone away for Kendall — and she expressed that before heading down to see Joe face-to-face for the first time in Mexico.

“Joe is the closest thing I ever came to marriage. I don’t want to just completely let go of him. And I see Paradise as where we began. I think my worst fear is walking down and seeing him hold hands with somebody. That would just, like, literally break me. I mean, I have love for him, of course. We still loved each other when we broke up, so I don’t know if we ever really stopped, like,  having that connection. I definitely miss Joe. I hope he’s excited to see me, ’cause I’m excited to see him,” she said before heading down the stairs to join the rest of the ‘BiP’ cast.

Things don’t work out between Kendall and Joe, however.

“Kendall Long had a tough time watching Joe’s relationship and ended up leaving the show. The last person she was involved with was Ivan Hall, who also ended up leaving,” Reality Steve wrote in his blog.

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