Bachelor Contestant Apologizes for ‘Unacceptable’ Bullying of Sarah Trott

The Bachelor

ABC The cast of season 25 of The Bachelor.

Several contestants on The Bachelor are taking heat from viewers after they were accused of bullying Sarah Trott to the point that she quit the show. Now one of those contestants, Kit Keenan, is apologizing for her actions.

Trott, 24, went on one of the first one-on-one dates of the season, but quickly began struggling with feelings of jealousy and homesickness. After interrupting a group date uninvited to speak with Matt James, Trott drew the ire of other contestants. Those feelings were stoked further when Trott refused to come out of her hotel room for an extended period.

She finally emerged from her room and offered an apology to the other women, but was repeatedly interrupted, questioned, and mocked with snide comments from multiple contestants. Among those was Keenan, who told Trott, “I hope that your connection with Matt is very strong right now, because the rest of your living situation here is going to be horrible.”

A day later, Keenan went to her Instagram story to say sorry.

“I believe what unfolded last night was an outcome of a lack of communication,” Keenan wrote. “I had no idea what was going on with Sarah’s family or in her personal life. Rather than hearing her out, I spoke quickly out of frustration and that was unacceptable.

“I know that the time for compassion was in the moment and not in hindsight, but I want to apologize to Sarah & anyone whose feelings were hurt by my words.”

Trott previously revealed on her date with James that her father has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and she acts as a caretaker. In a conversation with Katie Thurston, Trott said that her father may only have weeks to live and that spending time away from him was weighing on her.

Sarah Trott Threw Shade at Victoria Larson on Instagram

While Keenan was one of the women who came after Trott just prior to her departure, there’s no question who acted as leader of the attack: “Queen” Victoria Larson.

Larson stepped into the villain role right away on The Bachelor and had a feud with Marylynn Sienna in episode two. After Sienna left at the beginning of episode three, she immediately turned her sights on Trott, who Larson described as “toxic.”

On Instagram, Trott shared a post that read, “Real queens fix each other’s crowns” along with a caption that decried “degreading another human being” and implored people to “just be a decent, kind individual.” It doesn’t take too much reading between the lines to infer that the post is directed at Larson, who has repeatedly referred to herself as “queen” on the show.

Larson, at this point, has not commented on Trott’s departure outside of what she said on the show.

Several Bachelor Nation Alumni Called Out the ‘Mean’ Cast

It wasn’t just viewers who were bothered by the contestants piling on Trott. Some of the biggest names in Bachelor Nation also called out the behavior, including Nick Viall, Kaitlyn Bristowe, and Demi Burnett.

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