ABC Executive Makes Surprising Comment About Possible Next ‘Bachelorette’ Star

Bachelor Nation rose ceremony

ABC Bachelor Nation rose ceremony

With the 27th season of ”The Bachelor” set to debut in a few months, fans are already looking past Zach Shallcross’ future castoffs for the next star of “The Bachelorette”—and one of the names being mulled over may surprise fans.

Following a tumultuous “Bachelor in Paradise” season that played like “Love Island,” several hearts were left broken on the beach when their “connections” found new love behind their backs.

In the aftermath, fans think producers should go off-script and cast a lead who has already been on multiple Bachelor Nation shows.

Here’s what you need to know:

ABC VP Robert Mills Was ‘Intrigued’ By the Mention of a Brokenhearted ‘Paradise’ Star for ‘The Bachelorette’


Lace Morris was first introduced to fans on Ben Higgins’ season of “The Bachelor” in 2016 She famously quit the show in week 3. In an emotional goodbye, she told Higgins that she had “a lot of work” to do on herself.

“I can’t love someone else if I can’t truly love myself,” she tearfully told “The Bachelor” star.

Morris later appeared on the third season of “Bachelor in Paradise,” which ended with her getting engaged to Grant Kemp. A few months later, the couple split.  “It really was mutual,” Morris told Entertainment Tonight.  “We both have our issues we need to work on, and we can’t really give each other what we need at this time.”

When Morris returned to “Paradise” six years later, she fell hard for Rodney Matthews. But when a twist in the show had the women temporarily leaving the beach and replaced by newcomers, Morris lost her man to Eliza Isiche.

In a heartbreaking scene, viewers watched Matthews break up with Morris, and she left “Paradise” in tears. Now, some fans think the 32-year-old deserves the title of “The Bachelorette” after all she has been through.

On Twitter, a viewer wrote, “I’m gonna float a wild idea out there for y’all to discuss: Lace as the Bachelorette.”

“I would camp out in front of my tv during the whole day Monday so I wouldn’t miss a single moment. Make this happen,” another replied, tagging ABC vice president Robert Mills.

Mills, who is heavily involved in “The Bachelor” franchise, gave a surprising reply. “Color me intrigued,” he wrote.

Morris would be an unexpected  “Bachelorette” choice due to her age and the fact that she was on the original show so long ago.

In a Reddit thread, some fans opposed the idea of bringing Morris back for yet another shot at love, given how disastrously her first three rounds ended. Some said it would be bad for her ”mental health.”

“I think Lace would be too messy as Bachelorette and I think producers would BREAK her,” one Redditor wrote.

“I’m all for 30+, but I’m sorry Lace, as someone who has watched all of your seasons. Say no if asked. This wouldn’t be good for your mental health,” another added.

Lace Morris Was Concerned About Going Back to ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Bachelor in Paradise

ABCBachelor in Paradise season 8 cast members.

After three strikes, Morris could be done with “The Bachelor” franchise. Just ahead of her 2022 stint in “Paradise,” she spoke out about her reservations about returning to the franchise.

Morris told “The Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast that she was “struggling” with going back six years later. “I was worried about being the oldest one,” she added. “You know how the world is right now. If you’re 32 and single, it’s a problem. It’s hard to date as it is.”

But she ultimately decided to go for it. “I deserve love just as much as anyone else,” she said. “My timeline is just a little slower as far as love, and that’s okay.”

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