Lance Bass Eyeing ‘Bachelor’ Hosting as Full-Time Gig

Lance Bass

ABC Lance Bass

Lance Bass has his eye on a permanent prize. The “Bachelor in Paradise” guest host opened up to Entertainment Tonight to admit that he would love the opportunity to fill Chris Harrison’s role on the ABC dating show following the original host’s departure from the franchise after nearly 20 years.

Bass clarified that while his hosting stint has strictly only been in a guest capacity, a permanent role with the franchise would be a dream come true.

“They’ve not asked me [to be the permanent host], and of course that’s going to depend on Bachelor Nation out there,” Bass said. “I’m a part of Bachelor Nation, so I understand how volatile we can get. We’re very opinionated. If they like me, I don’t know what’s going to happen. I mean, yes, of course, it would be a dream come true to be able to host a show like that.”

Bass went on to say that he watches all of the “Bachelor” shows but that “Paradise” is his “summer indulgence.”

“I love it so much, so when they asked me to be a guest host, I flipped. I’m like, ‘I’m going to be able to walk into Paradise?!'” he said.

Bass admitted that filling Chris Harrison’s shoes would be “tough shoes to fill, for sure,” but he added that he could bring something different to the long-running reality franchise.

“I think it’s interesting what they’re doing this season with letting me go into ‘Paradise’ and sit with these contestants and really get what’s going on,” he explained. “I think what is needed in a show like this is to have someone who’s a good sounding board. Now the host gets to go in and also get that one-on-one time with these contestants and really be that sounding board for them. Everyone needs a gay best friend.”

Bass Thinks He Would Be a “Safe’ Choice to Be Host

Lance Bass

ABCLance Bass

Bass has been vocal about his superfandom for the “Bachelor” franchise. He told Us Weekly that he was “like a kid in a candy store” when he first arrived at the Mexican report that “Bachelor in Paradise” films at.

Bass also fan-boyed a bit as he saw familiar sites such as the “Bachelor in Paradise” bar and the beaches where past couples fell in love on the rose-filled dating show.

On the “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast, Bass revealed why he’d be a great fit to join the show permanently.

“They need a gay guy hosting, and especially a guy that all the girls, they knew me when they were 5 years old,’ the ‘NSync singer said. “I’m a safe choice, a very safe choice. That would be a dream job. My dream job is hosting a show — ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ ‘Big Brother’ or ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ So, it would be a huge bucket list item…. Hopefully, I do [Bachelor Nation] right.”

Fellow Guest Host David Spade Has Already Admitted He Wouldn’t Be a Good Fit to Be a Permanent Host

David Spade

ABCDavid Spade

If Bass is in the running for Harrison’s job, there’s one fellow guest host he probably won’t have to compete with. David Spade, who helmed the first two episodes of “Paradise” in Harrison’s absence, told People he doesn’t think he’d be the right fit –especially for the original show. Spade said “The Bachelor” is too “serious” for him.

“I don’t know if I would be good as ‘The Bachelor’ host because they’re so serious,” he said. “But the show works the way it is. Paradise is more goofy and they don’t mind me having fun with it.”

The comedian told Variety that he caught showrunner Mike Fleiss’ eye when he made a parody video of the franchise.

“One day he goes, “Do you want to get involved? Because we’re shaking things up.” Spade revealed. “I was going to say no. And then I go, ‘Maybe.’ So I went in and I said, “Yeah, let’s try ‘Paradise.’ That makes the most sense to me because it’s the least serious.”

Harrison hosted all versions of “The Bachelor” franchise from 2002 to early 2021.

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