Lauren Luyendyk Details the Scary Experience She Had in the Middle of the Night

Arie and Lauren Luyendyk posing on the red carpet.

Getty Images Arie & Lauren Luyendyk.

Lauren Luyendyk is pregnant with twins, and she just revealed that something super scary happened to her in the middle of the night — she fainted.

So, today turned out to be quite an exciting day. Last night, I woke up at 2 a.m. to go to the restroom, and ended up fainting, uhm, with a really intense pain on my side,” Luyendyk said in a video posted to her Instagram story.

Thankfully, Luyendyk’s doctor said that everything looked okay, and that “it can be normal.”

Things are going well for the couple otherwise. They recently shared the sex of their twins — a boy and a girl — on YouTube. The couple has also been posting updates about their pregnancy on an Instagram page they made for their twins.

“This week you’re each the size of an avocado and we read that you’ll be able to start hearing us soon! I’ll make sure to talk to you often and fill you in on what’s happening out here, everyday is an adventure let me tell you,” reads dad Arie’s latest update, in part.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lauren Luyendyk Has to Take Her Blood Pressure at Home, as a Precaution

Luyendyk was not admitted to the hospital, but she was advised to check her blood pressure at home.

“I now have to take my blood pressure at home all the time,” Luyendyk said, holding up her arm. She was wearing a blood pressure monitor around her wrist. “And Arie is my doctor,” she said, smiling at him.

Luyendyk was once a volunteer EMT in Virginia Beach, so she told Arie that she was going to show him how to take her blood pressure manually, using a stethoscope.

“I’m going to show him how to do a manual blood pressure right now,” Luyendyk said, as her husband took an arm cuff out of a box.

Luyendyk then filmed Arie as he took her blood pressure. He made a face as if something was bad, but he was clearly joking.

“Doesn’t look super confident, but I think we’re getting it,” she captioned the video, adding a crying-with-laughter emoji.

Dizziness & Fainting During Pregnancy Can Be Caused by Hormonal Changes

As Luyendyk’s doctor told her, feeling faint or actually fainting can be normal. According to the website What to Expect, hormonal changes can cause dizziness and fainting fairly early on. Most women will feel this way at the beginning of their second trimester.

Luyendyk is currently 16 weeks along, putting her in her second trimester.

“Throughout your pregnancy, you may experience a disorienting feeling of unsteadiness, or vertigo, that can make you feel as if you’re about to fall or faint. But don’t worry, it’s a normal and fairly common symptom of pregnancy that you can, for the most part, avoid by taking a few smart steps,” the What to Expect website reads, in part.

Aside from monitoring her blood pressure, Luyendyk may have been advised to take it easy, and to make sure she’s staying hydrated and that she is eating enough.

“Keep in mind that no matter how ‘normal’ dizziness is, you shouldn’t ignore it. So use common sense: no driving, working out or handling anything that could potentially cause you harm. If you need help, don’t be shy about asking,” What to Expect reports.

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