Exclusive: Lauren Luyendyk on Expecting Twins, Hawaii & the Possibility of Baby Number 4

Lauren, Arie, and Alessi Luyendyk pose for a photo.

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Arie and Lauren Luyendyk are just around the corner from becoming a family of five. The couple, who met and fell in love on “The Bachelor,” is set to welcome twins in just a few weeks. Heavy caught up with Lauren to chat about everything from her cravings to the names that she and Arie have chosen for their newborns.

On May 5, 2021, Schick Intuition launched a new campaign in which Lauren is the star! Not only is Lauren promoting the Schick Intuition, which is “a razor many pregnant women use because of its intuitive design,” but she’s also going to be surprising three of her pregnant fans with a mommy shower.

What exactly is the purpose of these mommy showers? “A Mommy Shower by Schick Intuition gives moms all the products they need to be showered in love and feel extra cared for, even when you can’t be with them in person.” Its focus is on moms-to-be who are going through pregnancy in a different way because of the pandemic; many have missed out on special moments with loved ones due to COVID-19 restrictions. So, Lauren is hoping to create some special moments with a few of her fans.

Lauren told Heavy that she loves working with Schick “because as a brand they have always cared for women. I was especially excited about this opportunity, because I know how stressful and lonely it can feel being pregnant during a pandemic and I am very excited to brighten other expecting moms’ days! Together, we curated three Mommy Shower experiences – The Babymoon Bath, Shower Soiree and Craving Cure – all inspired by things mom look forward to during their pregnancy. These experiences are the perfect way to shower moms-to-be with love and they include everything they’d need to pamper themselves from home including Schick Intuition’s 2-in-1 Razor, which is amazing for pregnant moms especially when trying to maneuver around a baby bump!”

Here’s what you need to know:

Lauren’s Belly Has Grown ‘Much Larger’ & ‘Faster’ Than Her First Pregnancy

Being pregnant with twins has been a different experience for Lauren. As of May 5, 2021, Lauren is a little more than 31 weeks pregnant — and she’s still shaving! Since her new campaign is with Schick Intuition, we simply had to ask her how she even goes about shaving her legs these days.

“Since I am pregnant with twins this time, my belly has grown much larger, faster than before. As you can imagine, this makes shaving especially difficult. I have personally been using Schick Intiution’s 2-in-1 razor to help with this task as it eliminates the need for shaving cream because it lathers and shaves in one step. All I have to do is get the razor wet and shave in one step,” Lauren told Heavy.

We also asked Lauren how this pregnancy has been different from when she was pregnant with Alessi.

“My first trimester of this pregnancy was difficult. I was so much more sick with these babies, but also much more stressed because we had experienced a loss prior to this pregnancy. I think the stress could have contributed to the way I felt physically in addition to the skyrocketing hormones. After the first trimester ended, I began feeling much better emotionally and physically. I’ve actually enjoyed this time a lot and just have an immense feeling of gratefulness. Cravings for the most part have been fresh fruits and veggies. With Alessi, I only wanted sweets, so pretty big contrast there,” she explained.

Lauren & Arie Might Have a Fourth Baby — Maybe

Lauren confirmed that she and Arie have chosen names for their boy-girl twins, and that the names that they have decided on were names that they picked out before their first daughter was born. Lauren also told us that her twins’ names start with the letters “S” and “L.” The initials were featured in photos from Lauren’s surprise baby shower back in April.

Heavy asked Lauren if she and Arie are even thinking about more kids after welcoming their twins — and Lauren said that, depending on how things go, they might.

“We are going to take it one step at a time and see how life is with three kids. We are open to the idea of having a fourth though,” she told us.

When it comes to what she’s looking forward to the most about having twins, Lauren’s answer was simple.

“The thing I am looking forward to most with the twins coming is seeing Arie and Alessi with them. To me, there’s not much hotter than seeing Arie loving on our babies. I know Alessi is going to be the best big sister too,” she explained.

Lauren Is Most Worried About How Alessi Will Adjust to Sharing the Spotlight Once the Twins Are Born

Adding a new baby to the family is an adjustment for everyone, but adding two new babies is even more of an adjustment. Heavy asked Lauren what she’s most worried about when it comes to bringing the twins home.

“I think the most challenging thing for us when the babies come is trying to figure out how to balance it all. I am personally a little worried about Alessi and how she’ll adapt to having to share us initially, but I plan on involving her a bunch and making sure she feels included,” she explained.

Speaking of Alessi, Heavy wanted to know what she’s into these days. If you’re a fan of Arie and Lauren, you probably see Alessi starting to talk up a storm on social media (we love how she says “cactus,” too!). So, we asked Lauren what Alessi’s favorite things are just ahead of her second birthday.

“She is obsessed with bears and bunnies!  She’s always talking about them.  She loves saying all the words she knows and naming every animal she sees.  She has started coming up with some of her own dance moves recently that are really fun to watch,” Lauren laughed.

“She also loves any activities where water is involved…swimming, playing with the hose, baths, etc.  Oh and last thing I just thought of!  She has recently started pretending she’s a baby and has a baby voice she uses when she does that.  Probably due to all the baby talk that’s been happening lately,” Lauren added.

And Then, There’s Hawaii

As previously reported by Heavy, Arie and Lauren recently purchased a home in Hawaii. While just about everyone thought that the two were set to sell their home in Arizona and move to Maui, Lauren cleared up the confusion.

“We will probably live there 3-4 months out of the year initially,” Lauren said. We also asked why she and Arie chose Maui, of all the places in the world where they could have purchased a second home.

“We chose Maui, because we got married there and have some of our favorite memories there together!  We also think it’s a great place to raise kids due to the laid back way of life,” Lauren said.

We’re sure we speak for all members of Bachelor Nation when we say that we cannot wait to meet babies “L” and “S” — and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the Luyendyks.

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