Madison Prewett Weighs In on Bennett Jordan from The Bachelorette 2020

Madison Prewett

Instagram via Madison Prewett Bachelor Nation alum Madison Prewett has opinions of her own about Bennett Jordans return to "The Bachelorette" after Tayshia Adams eliminated him.

On last week’s The Bachelorette episode, fan-favorite contestant Bennett Jordan was sent home by season 16 lead Tayshia Adams. At the end of the same episode, however, viewers were surprised when Jordan returned in an attempt to win over Adams and reclaim his spot vying for her heart.

After the dramatic episode, former Bachelor contestant Madison Prewett voiced her opinion of Jordan’s possible return to PureWow. According to Yahoo, Prewett said that she personally would not have let Jordan return, but withheld judgment for Adams’ decision. She said, “Ultimately, it’s going to come down to what’s comfortable for the Bachelorette. What she’s comfortable with and what she appreciates and doesn’t appreciate—it’s different for different people.”

She continued, commenting on how the reality dating show is known for stirring up drama. She told PureWow, “I think every season is going to bring some interesting twists and turns, as I’m sure you experienced watching season 24. So, I’m never really surprised. I’m always just anticipating it.”

Adams Eliminated Jordan After an Impromptu 2-on-1 Date With Him & Noah Erb

Tayshia Adams’ decision to eliminate Jordan from the competition was the culmination of mounting tensions between 36-year-old Jordan and a fellow contestant, 25-year-old Noah Erb. The two have been at odds on the show, and the drama seemed to stem from the fact that Jordan believed Erb was too young and immature to be ready for marriage and a real commitment to Adams.

Noticing their feud during a group date, Adams decided to set up a 2-on-1 with her, Erb, and Jordan. At the end of the date, she revealed, only one would stay in the competition. At the end of the date, after talking to both contestants, Adams sent Jordan home. Though she did not give Erb the rose at the end of the date, she did give him a rose at the end of the episode’s rose ceremony.

Before the episode came to an end, Jordan arrived once again to confront Adams and profess his love for her, leaving a cliffhanger for fans to dissect.

Following his short-lived elimination, Jordan shared a post on Instagram with his over 149,000 followers, captioning the photo, “It’s been a bit of a ‘world wind,’ but I’m baaaaack!”

On Monday night’s episode, Jordan returned to the other remaining men for the rose ceremony, telling them Adams had asked him to stay; however, she ultimately did not give him a rose and sent him home (for good, this time).

Prewett Was Brought Back ‘After the Final Rose’ in the Finale of Peter Weber’s ‘Bachelor’ Season

It’s interesting that Prewett said that she would not let Jordan back in the competition if she were in Adams’ position. While Prewett has not been a “Bachelorette” lead for the series, she was given a second chance as a contestant on Peter Weber’s season 24 of The Bachelor.

At the end of The Bachelor season 24, Weber’s final two were Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss. Weber chose Sluss and the two got engaged; however, during the “After the Final Rose” special, footage shot after Sluss and Weber’s engagement showed that the relationship did not last. After breaking things off with Sluss, Weber reached back out to Prewett and the two rekindled their relationship.

Fans of the show know that Prewett and Weber broke things off shortly after their very tense “After the Final Rose” live interview with host Chris Harrison, during which Weber’s mother Barbara openly expressed her opposition of Weber’s decision to leave Sluss for Prewett. Weber is currently dating another contestant from his season, Kelly Flanagan.

New episodes of The Bachelorette season 16 air on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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