PHOTOS: Mari Pepin & Kenny Braasch Pose for Nude Photos After ‘BiP’ Engagement

ABC Mari and Kenny posed for a nude photoshoot after getting engaged.

Mari Pepin and Kenny Braasch got engaged on the finale of “Bachelor in Paradise,” which aired on Tuesday, October 5, 2021.

The couple had a bit of a bumpy road on the show, but managed to work things out over the past few weeks. While Kenny may have seemed like a bit of a playboy, he wound up finding love with Mari.

“Mari, you know as soon as you came down the stairs and through the gates of ‘Paradise,’ I honestly was blown away about how beautiful you were. You know, I don’t [know] if it was love at first sight, but it was definitely something — something I’ve never felt before. At the end of the day, we did go through a lot of real-life relationship stuff, and we were tested like no other couple in ‘Paradise,’ I think. … I’m shaking. Mari, I am f***ing so in love with you. And I literally, like, I can’t see my life without you. You’re such an amazing woman that you’ve changed my whole outlook on life,” Kenny told Mari on the finale before getting down on one knee, according to Us Weekly.

After their proposal, the bride-and-groom to-be hired photographers Marcus & Dilano to take some pictures of them — and they decided to pose nude for at least some of the pictures. The photography studio shared two of the black-and-white snaps on Instagram on October 6, 2021.

“I’ve been holding on to these pics for a wee bit now. Congrats to @mari_pepin & @kennybraasch10 who got engaged on last nights finale of @bachelorinparadise. The playfulness witnessed between these two throughout the shoot was endearing. Wishing you guys the best,” the studio captioned the photos.

Here’s what you need to know:

Mari & Kenny Are Ready to Take the Next Step in Their Relationship

After Mari and Kenny got engaged on television — and everything was official — they each shared photos on social media. “Engaged AF,” Mari captioned her Instagram post, showing off her stunning diamond ring. “There’s something about Mari,” Kenny wrote in the caption of an Instagram post of his own.

While some people have been skeptical about the “Bachelor in Paradise” process, it sounds like things are really working out well for Mari and Kenny. After the finale aired, Mari told Us Weekly that she and Kenny are already thinking about the future — and they are taking the next step soon.

“So we haven’t set, like, a wedding date or anything yet, but I am going to be moving to Chicago in the next few months. So that’s our first step, and we did agree to get married in Puerto Rico, [which is] where I’m from. So there’s that,” Mari told the outlet.

Things Are Going Well for Mari & Kenny Post-‘Paradise’

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind for Mari and Kenny, but things are evidently going really well for the couple.

“The way everything panned out, it actually just put me and her in the place that we are now. It’s paradise, so obviously things happen. I have no regrets with that,” Kenny said during an interview with ABC 7’s On the Red Carpet.

Mari told the outlet that she and Kenny are planning to get married — and have a couple of kids — in the “next couple of years.”

She also shared that she and Kenny have really found a good groove since they wrapped the show. “We’ve had zero conflicts, zero arguments,” she said.

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