Mari Pepin Shares Wedding Update: ‘I’d Go to the Courthouse Tomorrow’

Mari Pepin

YouTube Marin Pepin talks to Kenny Braasch on "Bachelor in Paradise."

During season 7 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” Kenny Braasch and Mari Pepin fell in love with one another. They navigated some tough obstacles during their summer together in Mexico, but they were ultimately successful in putting their troubles behind them and the pair got engaged in the finale. They have remained together since then, and Pepin recently shared an update on when she might marry her fiance.

Here’s what you need to know:

Pepin’s Life Has Been a Little Wild

Pepin chatted with Jared Haibon and Dean Unglert on their “Help! I Suck at Dating” podcast to share some tidbits about the state of her relationship with Braasch. The “Bachelor in Paradise” star noted things were pretty crazy earlier this year as she was diving her time between Maryland, where she lived, and Chicago, Illinois, where Braatsch lived. Then, he encouraged her to take part in the Miss World Puerto Rico pageant, which meant she needed to spend a lot of time in Puerto Rico too.

Not only was life quite busy as Pepin prepared for the competition, but one rule for holding the title was that she could not be married. Given that, the “Bachelor in Paradise” couple did not start planning their wedding until they saw how she did in the pageant. Pepin shared she ended up in seventh place in the competition, and she was “really happy with how it went.” Her family is originally from Puerto Rico, and she loved that she “got to spend a lot of time back home.” Once that was over, she moved to Chicago, and once both Pepin and Braasch were done with their existing leases, they got an apartment together in Chicago.

The Wedding Planning Has Officially Started

Pepin admitted moving in with Braasch was a little “nerve-wracking,” as he had never been down that road before. It seems they both adjusted smoothly, though, and one of the biggest challenges they encountered was her desire to get rid of most of his kitchen stuff and bring in her own higher-quality tools. That would certainly suggest the “Bachelor in Paradise” couple has transitioned quite well, if that was one of the toughest parts of the transition.

Now, Pepin said she has “just started thinking about the wedding planning.” She is still in the very early stages of planning, and she has already found it stressful, as she’s not sure where to start. Despite those worries, Pepin noted during a separate segment of the podcast that she and Braasch are thinking they will have an October 2023 wedding.

One of the guys asked if she would ever consider eloping to Las Vegas. She said Braasch “totally would” do something like that, but she wasn’t so sure. She added, “I think I’d do the courthouse thing and not tell anyone,” throwing a big party later, but Vegas isn’t necessarily her style. When it was suggested they were moving forward relatively quickly on getting married, compared to other “Bachelor in Paradise” couples, Pepin explained that, for them, “there’s no reason to wait.” They had to wait until after the pageant to pin anything down, but “Now that that’s over, we can get on with it.” “Bachelor in Paradise” fans love this pairing and will be eager to get additional wedding updates in the months ahead.

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