PHOTOS: Why Fans Are Trashing Matt James Over His Appearance

Matt James holding a coat over his shoulder

ABC Matt James.

The Bachelor Matt James shocked fans during a preview for the “Women Tell All” episode. During the special, the eliminated women get a chance to chat with the other ladies and James about their journey. In a preview aired last week, fans noticed that when James took the stage, he was sporting a new look.

James came on the special with a full-grown beard – a much different look than his usual close-shaved clean face. Fans immediately took to social media to comment on the shocking look.

“By the look of Matt James’ beard right now there is absolutely no way he ends his season engaged,” one fan tweeted. Another added, “wanna know how to break hearts? ask matt james’ beard at the women tell all.” A fan wrote, “the most shocking part of this season thus far was Matt James’ beard in the women tell all preview lol.” Another chimed in, “screamed really loud when i saw the preview of matt james’ beard…please matt shave it ill give you my next paycheck.”

Fans Have Commented on Another Aspect of Matt James’s Appearance

James’s new head-turning beard isn’t the only part of his appearance that has people talking. As soon as James began taking his relationships to the next level, something caught fans eyes. Viewers couldn’t help but notice that the Bachelor was kissing women with his eyes open.

One fan tweeted, “Matt James why are kissing everyone with your eyes wide open?” Another added, “Can Matt James please close his eyes when he’s kissing please I’m begging.” A viewer wrote, “kissing matt james looks like an absolutely horrifying experience, i have truly never seen a man kiss more aggressively in my life! and with his eyes wide! open!”

Even James’s best friend and fellow Bachelor nation star Tyler Cameron commented on James’s kissing appearance. Cameron retweeted a fan’s tweet, “Yo, why are your eyes open bro?” In the photo that was shared in the tweet, James can be seen locking lips with one of his ladies — and his eyes are wide open. “Ayo, Matt James, what we got going on here?” Cameron posted, adding three crying with laughter emoji.

James Has Addressed His Controversial Kissing Style

As soon as Cameron tweeted mocking his best friend, James then addressed the situation, retweeting his best friend’s tweet. He added the caption, “Gotta make sure no one sneaking up on us! When your eyes are closed.. ANYTHING can happen! It’s for both of our protection.”

James then appeared as a guest on ACC Network’s In Play in late January where hosts Kelsey Riggs and EJ Manuel grilled him for his eyes open kissing.

“Dang, you all threw me under the bus, that’s crazy,” James joked, per E! Online. “I guess I didn’t realize I kiss with my eyes open until people were videotaping me kiss people, and I’m watching it back. I’m like, Yo, what are you doing?”

“It was just as uncomfortable for me to watch as everybody else,” he shared. “So like, everyone is telling me, ‘You need to close your eyes!’ There’s gonna be a lot of this because this has already been filmed. I apologize to fans, but maybe I need to start wearing shades? If I were to do this again, I’d probably have an eye patch or something. It’s a learning experience.”

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