Matt James Makes Shocking Change Following ‘Bachelor’ Finale

Matt James standing outside.

ABC Matt James.

In the hours after hitting one million followers on Instagram, Matt James made a surprising change to his account; he deleted all of his posts. A quick peek at Matt’s account and Instagram will show that he has “no posts yet,” despite having a thriving page filled with photos and videos (190 of them, to be exact) just 24 hours ago.

Matt has not spoken out about his decision to wipe his account clean. However, he’s had quite an emotional week following the Bachelor finale and subsequent After the Final Rose special that aired on Monday, March 15.

Matt has been relatively quiet on social media since the finale aired. In fact, he only posted one thing on Twitter that he also shared on his Instagram story; a post that read “Google therapist near me.” As previously reported by Heavy, Matt received a ton of support from fans and Bachelor viewers after he posted the tweet. Interestingly, Matt hasn’t touched his Twitter account — all of his tweets are still visible.

Here’s what you need to know:

Matt’s Instagram Account Makes no Mention of ‘The Bachelor’ — Unless You Look Closely

'The Bachelor' season 25 finale

ABC‘The Bachelor’ season 25 finale.

Matt’s Instagram no longer makes any kind of mention — not even a hint — of handing out roses, looking for love, or anything in between. At least, on the surface.

His job is listed as “real estate” and the rest of his bio lays out just about everything about him — minus the past couple of months of his life.

Matt shares that he’s a Believer along with the “give me ten” emoji. His work is listed as “CBRE” and his “life” has a link to the organization, ABC Food Tours, that he started with his BFF Tyler Cameron. Matt also shares that he calls “919” home — the area code for North Carolina — and that he’s currently living in the “212” — which is New York City.

At the end of his bio, he has a Flow link that brings you to a page of all different links that apply to his life. He does still have a link to his Bachelor bio, and even a YouTube video from his time on Good Morning America talking about his experience on the show.

Matt Deleted His Instagram Posts After Rachael Kirkconnell Spoke out on His Behalf

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell on 'The Bachelor'

ABC/Craig SjodinMatt James and Rachael Kirkconnell on ‘The Bachelor.’

Matt’s deletion of Instagram came not only after he hit one million followers, but also after his ex-girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell spoke out on his behalf. The statement that Rachael posted to her Instagram account came after several people left racist, hate-filled messages on Matt’s most recent Instagram post.

“I am taken aback by what I’ve seen tonight. If you think that attacking a person I care about with racist insults is what I would ever want, you haven’t been listening. Some of the things I’ve seen being said to and about Matt are repulsive,” Rachael wrote on her Instagram Story.

“I respect the decisions that Matt has had to make during this experience. If you are directing hate towards him, please stop. Recognize someone’s humanity and think about the impact your words have,” she added.

The post has since expired on Rachael’s story, and she has gone on to post about her avocado toast. It’s unclear if she and Matt are in communication, or if they are no longer speaking. Neither she nor Matt have given an update on anything surround The Bachelor since the finale aired.

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