Does Matt James Get Engaged on ‘The Bachelor’ Finale?

Matt James poses holding a red rose.

ABC Matt James.

Every season of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, fans expect to see an engagement — but that’s not always what happens.

Warning: Bachelor spoilers ahead.

Matt James is just a few weeks into his televised love journey, and while the show has been officially spoiled by Reality Steve, it is unclear if James actually proposes on the finale. On Thursday, Reality Steve confirmed that James chooses Rachael Kirkconnell in the end, but he does not know if they two get engaged on the show (or thereafter).

“Matt chose Rachael and is still with her. I do not know if they’re engaged or not,” Reality Steve wrote on his blog. “The info I got a couple days ago even solidified it more for me. So people can take that as they like,” he added.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reality Steve Gave a Breakdown of Matt James’ Top 5

Matt James rose ceremony

ABCMatt James leads a rose ceremony on episode one of ‘The Bachelor.’

After solidifying that Kirkconnell is the woman who wins James’ heart, Reality Steve also confirmed that he feels confident in his overall spoilers.

According to Steve, fan-favorite Abigail Heringer will finish in fifth place, leaving Nemacolin just before the hometown dates. James will meet the families of four women; Bri Springs, Serena Pitt, Michelle Young, and Rachael Kirkconnell. Reality Steve also confirmed that all of the families will come to Nemacolin to meet James rather than him going to their individual hometowns due to precautions surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

After hometowns, James will send Serena Pitt home. From there, the remaining three ladies will have their Fantasy Suite dates. James will then send Bri Springs home. Just the other day, Reality Steve said that he was hearing that James chose Springs in the end, but he’s now confirmed that she won’t even be in the final two.

It’s unknown how the finale will go down, exactly, but James will choose Kirkconnell, according to this season’s spoilers. Whether or not there’s a ring involved remains to be seen.

Reality Steve Said the Spotify Playlist Spoiler From Last Week Helped Him Solidify His Information

Reality Steve wrote a blog ahead of Matt James’ premiere episode in which he let fans know that he was hearing that Kirkconnell was James’ chosen one. However, he was not 100 percent sure about the information he had received, so he didn’t want to confirm anything.

While he did not share what new information he received that helped him feel comfortable putting a confirmation stamp on his spoilers, he did share that James listening to Kirkconnell’s Spotify playlist was a pretty big clue.

“Certainly @BachSleuthers find this weekend of Matt listening to Rachael’s Spotify playlist was another huge clue that pointed in her direction,” he wrote.

If Steve gets information about an engagement that he feels confident in, he will likely let his fans and followers know that information ahead of The Bachelor finale. Of course, he has already said that if anything changes, he’ll be sure to report on that stuff, too.

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