Spoilers Reveal Details About Matt James Choosing an Engagement Ring

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Matt James’ season of The Bachelor is quickly coming to a close. On Monday, March 8, the Fantasy Suite dates will air. James will take Michelle Young, Bri Springs, and Rachael Kirkconnell on one-on-one dates that will all end with an overnight option. Spoilers indicate that James will send Springs home after these romantic dates.

The following week, on March 15, James’ final two women, Young and Kirkconnell, will meet his family. His mom, Patty, will be on-hand at Nemacolin Resort to sit down with her son’s girlfriends, and get to know them a little better. James will also get a surprise visit from his estranged father, Manny, according to Us Weekly.

On Thursday, March 4, Reality Steve released his latest spoilers that detail exactly how James’ final episode will go. Spoilers posted earlier in the season revealed that James did not propose at the end of his season — and that has not changed. However, there were some reports that he gave his girlfriend a promise ring before leaving Nemacolin, but Reality Steve reports that doesn’t actually happen either. James and Kirkconnell simply left the resort as boyfriend and girlfriend, and agreed to keep dating to see where things went after the show.

Since they wrapped filming, James and Kirkconnell have split. Reality Steve claims that there is no chance of them getting back together at this time.

Here’s what you need to know:

James Cancels His Last Date With Kirkconnell & Sends Young Home Early, Spoilers Reveal

Matt James, Rachael Kirkconnell

ABCMatt & Rachael.

Reality Steve was not previously privy to what went down during James’ last few days at Nemacolin. Now, however, two weeks before the finale, he’s received the information he needed to reveal his latest spoilers.

As previously reported by Heavy, James ends up sending Young home before the finale. He tells her he loves her, but that he isn’t “in love” with her, and ends their relationship. According to Reality Steve, James is overcome with emotion, and decides to cancel his last date with Kirkconnell.

Reality Steve reveals that the show is edited to make it look like James doesn’t end up with anyone, but things change the next day.

“The following day, Rachael gets a letter under her door from Matt, apologizing for canceling their final date the day before. The letter says to meet him by the lake where they had their overnight date. Rachael shows up, it’s set up like a final rose ceremony, she tells him how much he hurt her, but she’s not going to leave him because she’s in love and you don’t run from love when the going gets tough, or something like that,” Reality Steve writes.

“Matt tells her that he can’t propose to her, but, that he loves her and he can’t picture his life without her. She accepts the final rose and they leave as a couple. No engagement and no promise ring either. Just an agreement to continue dating, essentially,” he adds.

James & Kirkconnell Split After Valentine’s Day

Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James

ABC/Craig SjodinRachael Kirkconnell and Matt James pose on their one-on-one date.

Things seemed to be going well for James and Kirkconnell after the show, but the two are no longer together, according to Reality Steve. After James made a public statement about the racism controversy surrounding Kirkconnell and the show’s host, Chris Harrison, Reality Steve reported that James had broken things off with Kirkconnell.

The former couple was together on Valentine’s Day weekend, but things ended shortly thereafter. Reality Steve does not claim to know the reasoning behind the split or what James told Kirkconnell when he broke up with her, but pointed out that the information may come out during the After the Final Rose special that is set to air on Monday, March 15, directly following the 2-hour Bachelor finale.

Reality Steve went on to say that “there’s no chance for a reconciliation” between James and Kirkconnell. He also said that he doesn’t believe that James will be giving Young or Springs a shot. James has faced some criticism for choosing Kirkconnell in the end, specifically from one unnamed source whom The Sun identifies as James’ friend.

“I felt Michelle was his best match, and they seemed like they connected. She’s as silly and quirky as he is, and athletic and fun. I really think if he had met Michelle outside of the show, she would have been the one for him,” the friend told the outlet.

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