‘Bachelor’ Matt James Teases Followers With a Major Update

Matt James with a beard on the 'Women Tell All.'

ABC Matt James

Matt James is that you?

Well the former Bachelor star may have just tricked his fans into thinking that he shaved his beard. On April 1, he posted a photo of himself sporting a trimmed face just two weeks after he was on ABC’s After the Final Rose with a full beard.

After wrapping his season of the reality dating show, Matt decided to grow out his beard, showing off a very different look in various interviews. On Thursday, however, Matt posted a “new” pic, but fans believe that he’s just trolling for April Fool’s Day.

Matt posted a video to his Instagram stories on March 31, and he still had a full beard as he got his sweat on during a workout. He tagged his location as Miami, Florida. Interestingly, however, on April 1, Matt posted a photo of him surfing in Miami. If you look closely at the pic, you can see that Matt’s beard is gone.

In a subsequent post, he seemed to confirm that he shaved by uploading a close-up of his face. “It was time,” he captioned the photo on Instagram and Twitter, adding the peace sign emoji, as he said goodbye to his facial hair.

So, did Matt actually trim his facial hair?

Here’s what you need to know:

Matt’s Missing Beard Is Probably an April Fool’s Day Prank

Several Reddit users are convinced that Matt’s missing beard is less of an “I shaved” and more of a “this photo is old” situation, and perhaps nothing more than a joke for April Fool’s Day. A few fans were very quick to point out that Matt’s Miami pics are months old.

“I’ve seen that picture before lol,” one Redditor commented on a thread dedicated to Matt’s latest social media photo.

“This is from November, he’s not fooling anybody on this April fools day,” added another.

“His Miami pictures were posted last year – these aren’t current,” wrote a third.

Matt hasn’t revealed whether or not his latest snap was a joke or not.

Most Fans Didn’t Seem to Be Fans of Matt’s Beard, but the Reaction to Him Supposedly Shaving it off Has Been Mixed

Many Bachelor fans didn’t seem to be too fond of Matt’s facial hair, with many taking to social media to express their feelings when he first grew it out. The running joke — which ended up not being a joke at all — was that Matt didn’t end up in a relationship after the Bachelor aired because he had the beard of a single guy.

“By the look of Matt James’ beard right now there is absolutely no way he ends his season engaged,” one fan tweeted.

“Matt James’ beard SCREAMS single,” another person tweeted.

“It’s awful,” someone wrote in response.

Twitter users didn’t hold back in responding to Matt’s beardless photo that he uploaded today, either. And while some people are still convinced that this is an April Fool’s joke, others seemed genuinely disappointed that Matt trimmed up.

“It will be missed!” one social media user tweeted.

“I liked the beard it was edgy,” added another.

“Grow it back right now,” a third tweeted.

And, of course, there were plenty of social media users who are very happy to see Matt’s beard gone.

“Much better,” one Twitter user wrote.

“It was way overdue. Thank you! That thing looked a mess,” added another.

If Matt was looking for any kind of feedback on whether or not he should shave for real, there’s plenty to go on!

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