How Rachael Kirkconnell Really Feels About Matt James & Tyler Cameron’s Bromance

Matt James, Rachael Kirkconnell, and Tyler Cameron.

ABC/Getty Images Matt James (L), Rachael Kirkconnel, and Tyler Cameron (R)

It’s no secret that Matt James had a strong bromance with another “Bachelorette” star before his season of “The Bachelor” was even a thought amongst ABC producers.

Matt has been friends with Tyler Cameron since college. The two met at Wake Forest University where they played football together. After graduation, the guys moved to New York City and became roommates.

They also co-founded a nonprofit together, both bonding over their passion for helping others and giving back. ABC Food Tours was created “to empower students by providing experiences across diverse cultures and career opportunities through food/fitness, education, and skills-based training. ABC Food Tours inspires students across New York City to create meaningful, equitable connections that will break the oppressive cycle of poverty,” the organization’s website reads.

Tyler supported Matt throughout his journey to find love on “The Bachelor.” Now that things have settled down for Matt and he and Rachael Kirkconnell are officially on-again, the guys have gone on their first public outing — a double date (Tyler is dating Camila Kendra)! However, now that Rachael has been around Matt and Tyler, she’s very much realizing that she simply cannoy compete with their bromance!

Here’s what you need to know:

Rachael Looks at Herself as the Third Wheel When Hanging out With Matt & Tyler

Matt and Tyler spent Memorial Day Weekend in The Hamptons with their ladies, according to E! News.

On Friday, May 28, they were all spotted at the opening of Bounce Beach Montauk. They enjoyed a group dinner before hitting the dance floor. “Rachael and Camila were getting along great. All four of them mingled with the crowd and were happy to take pictures with everyone who approached them,” a source told the outlet.

According to Page Six, they also made a stop at Montauk’s Surf Lodge over the weekend.

Several photos of the couples surfaced online, and it looked like they all had a fabulous time. The one photo that Matt decided to share from the fun-filled weekend is the one above. “Found the end of the world,” he captioned the shot. Standing on his tip toes, Matt put his arms around Tyler’s shoulders while Tyler held on to a nearby surfboard.

However, it’s what Rachael wrote in the comments that got fans’ attention. “Forever the third wheel,” she commented. More than 2,500 fans liked Rachael’s post!

Matt Shared Photos From the Weekend on His Instagram Story

Although Rachael, Tyler, and Camila didn’t share photos of videos from the weekend on their respective social media accounts, Matt decided to let everyone know just how much fun he’d been having.

According to People magazine, Matt took to his Instagram Stories to share a video of his three amigos enjoying their adult beverages. “He also shared a photo at another local hot spot, the Surf Lodge, and a shot of himself in bed with dessert,” the outlet reported.

The couples weekend comes on the heels of Matt’s appearance on “The Pomp” podcast in which he revealed that he and Rachael were officially back on.

Shortly after that, Matt posted the very first photo of himself and Rachael on his Instagram. It looks like these two have figured things out for the time being — and that Rachael knows where she stands when it comes to Matt’s relationship with Tyler!

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