Here’s How Matt James Really Feels About Sending ‘Queen’ Victoria Larson Home

'Queen' Victoria Larson and Matt James

ABC/Craig Sjodin 'Queen' Victoria Larson speaks with Matt James during a 'Bachelor' group date.

Matt James finally sent this season’s villain home on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor. It was a long-time coming for viewers, many of whom were sick of the drama that was caused by “Queen” Victoria Larson.

By Week 4, the drama at Nemacolin had hit a fever pitch, so much so that it had been taking away from the actual storyline. However, James seemed to get to the bottom of things this past week, sending home the ladies who had been causing the most unrest.

And while the argument has been made that Larson was a real contender on James’ season, he didn’t seem too sad about watching her walk out the door. After the episode aired, James talked about saying goodbye to Larson, and admitted that he “couldn’t have been less fazed.”

“I had dealt with so much at that point, I couldn’t have been less fazed. I had nothing left to give at that point,” James told Us Weekly on the “Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.

Here’s what you need to know:

Matt James Said Sending Victoria Larson Home Was ‘Easy’

Matt James seemed to like having Larson around, even if it wasn’t because he was falling in love with her. However, once he heard that she was at the center of most of the problems that the other women were having, he said the decision to send her home was “easy.”

“It was an easy [decision]. When that information was made available to me about what was going on in the house, that type of name calling and just blatant lies and rumors is unacceptable,” he told People Magazine’s Jeremy Parsons.

In his interview with Us Weekly, James explained that he plans on carrying on differently now that he knows what was actually going on when he wasn’t around.

“Why I chose to make a statement like that, to let people know that’s not going to be tolerated. And moving forward, we’re going to be moving different.”

Matt James Believes Victoria Larson Has ‘a lot of Love to Give’

Before Larson walked out of the room on Monday night, she made sure to get in some last words to James.

“I honestly feel so sorry for you, that you would listen to hearsay and not all of the facts behind a situation, so goodbye,” she said. He just stood there and didn’t respond.

“I had no words. What do you say to that?” he said to Parsons.

Interestingly, James told Us Weekly that he didn’t feel pressure from production to continue giving Victoria Larson roses week after week. In fact, he seemed to think that, with some introspection, Larson will be a good match for someone in the future.

“I can only speak to my experience. And I think that if I was in her shoes, I would try to get to the core of why I treat people that way, or say the things that I do so that I can better understand myself and I don’t project that on to the next person that I’m with. Because she has a lot of love to give. And if she can get past the things that she’s dealing with now, then she’ll be fine,” James said on Us Weekly’s podcast.

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