Who Is the Mystery Audience Member Connor Brennan Kissed on ‘Men Tell All?’

Connor Brennan

ABC/Craig Sjodin Connor Brennan competed for Katie Thurston's heart on 'The Bachelorette.'

One Bachelor Nation fan saw the “Men Tell All” episode of “The Bachelorette” as the perfect opportunity to shoot her shot.

Sitting in the first live audience since the pandemic, a woman identified by Reality Steve as Tara Kelly interrupted Connor Brennan’s time in the hot seat. Katie Thurston famously sent the math teacher home over a kiss on their one-on-one date.

“Tayshia, Kaitlyn, I’m so sorry to interrupt,” she said, addressing hosts Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe. “I just want to say, Connor that I watched you on the show and I just think you’re absolutely adorable and I know you can’t be a bad kisser.”

After someone yelled, “let’s find out,” Kelly joined Brennan on stage where he told her, “I was literally checking you out earlier.” While the stunned audience watched the pair’s passionate kiss, Andrew Spencer cheered, “Get in there tiger, you’re a tiger.”

Asked by the hosts to rate the kiss on a scale of one to 10, Kelly exclaimed “11” while fanning herself.

Before the episode cut to commercial break, Brennan asked Kelly if she would “accept this rose,” as Bristowe asserted, “I can’t, this is just like one of the most romantic dates in ‘Bachelorette‘ history.”

While the Nashville resident asked for Kelly’s number, fans should not get their hopes up since he has been officially announced as a contestant on the upcoming season of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Kelly Has Another Reality TV Connection

Fans of “Big Brother” may recognize Kelly from contestant Kyland Young’s Instagram. The two have been friends since “Tom Shadyac’s Storytelling & LIfe class all those years ago at Pepperdine,” she wrote on Instagram.

After revealing their shared fandom of “Big Brother,” she continued, “Proud doesn’t even close to cut it. I am ELATED that you are walking through those doors to fulfill your dream. To change your family’s life. To be the first Black BB player to win it all. You’ve supported mine and so many others’ dreams tirelessly and I will be fighting with you until the end. Mostly by yelling at the television.”

And it seems Young is one of her biggest cheerleaders. On Instagram, the Queens team member revealed he was a producer for the music video of her song “River.”

Brennan’s surprise kisser sings “cosmic country music” according to her Instagram. Her current single is “Play with Fire.”

Fans Are Calling out Kelly as a ‘Plant’ by Producers

Bachelor Nation fans were quick to call out Kelly as a possible plant by producers.

One viewer wrote on Twitter, “So did this girl just ask producers to kiss Connor?? How did she get this role??” while another questioned, “Ok how much is this bish getting paid to come kiss Connor.”

While some Bachelor Nation fans cheered on the liplock, others shared their personal cringes. One tweet read, “Watching Connor kiss that production plant was just as traumatizing as witnessing each kiss he had with Katie.”

The kiss seemed to concern many viewers worried about coronavirus safety. “At least we have #MenTellAll to take our minds off the heartbreak… Wait WHAT?! Does Connor kiss a random audience member?! OK even if they’ve been vaccinated and/or Covid tested this makes me antsy!” wrote one viewer on Twitter.

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