Is This Popular Katie Thurston ‘Bachelorette’ Suitor the Next ‘Bachelor’?

ABC The next 'Bachelor' could be a fan favorite.

If you’ve been following the behind-the-scenes “Bachelor” chatter, you’ve probably heard that there are going to be back-to-back seasons of “The Bachelor” coming in 2022.

First, Clayton Echard will hand out roses, with his season likely airing in January. Then, another “Bachelor” lead will take the helm, starting out on his own journey to find love. That season will likely air in the spring.

“The next season of the show to air after Clayton’s will NOT be a ‘Bachelorette’ season. It will be another ‘Bachelor’ season,” Reality Steve confirmed in his blog on October 27, 2021. “Knowing they film towards the end of February, and it’s a normal 7-8 week shoot, means filming will be done around mid to late April…I think it’s safe to assume it’ll begin airing sometime in May. Basically, it’s just replacing a ‘Bachelorette’ season that we’d normally see airing at that time.”

There have been some rumblings about who producers are thinking about having as the next “Bachelor” star, and the biggest rumor going around is that Michael Allio will be getting the gig. Michael lost his wife Laura to breast cancer in 2019. He is a single dad of a son named James.

Here’s what you need to know:

Dave Neal & Reality Steve Both Got a Tip About Michael Being the Next ‘Bachelor’ Star

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Both Dave Neal and Reality Steve said they received an email in which someone said that Michael would be the next “Bachelor” star. Neal posted a YouTube video about the email he received, while Reality Steve shared the information on an Instagram Live that he posted on October 29, 2021.

“Again, this is coming from one source. So this isn’t something that’s been completely vetted,” Neal cautioned in the YouTube video before sharing the details of the email.

Neal said the source wrote in the email that Michael is “best friends with someone in our inner circle. She said it’s a done deal.” The author of the email also said Michael initially turned down the role, but production was willing to work with him by filming in the Akron, Ohio, and Chicago areas so Michael could remain near his family, Neal explained.

As Reality Steve pointed out during his Live, February — which is when filming will likely start — is a ways away, and anything can happen in the coming months. It’s unclear if Michael has inked a deal to appear on the show or if he’s just in serious talks with production, but it sounds like many fans will be getting what they had hoped for — before Clayton got the gig.

On June 30, Allio took to Instagram to share a selfie. His caption got fans talking. “Busy waiting around,” he wrote. Fans couldn’t help but comment on the photo, many hoping that he would be the next “Bachelor” star.

“Us waiting for you to become the next ‘Bachelor,’” one Instagram user commented.

“Totally! We all know he will be the next ‘Bachelor’!” another person wrote.

“BRB submitting my application to be on ‘The Bachelor’ if it’s you,” added a third.

Many Fans Were Hoping That a Man of Color Would Get the Next ‘Bachelor’ Gig

While some fans are thrilled to hear that Michael may get his very own chance to find love, others are disappointed that a man of color wasn’t chosen.

Redditors took to a thread about Michelle’s rumored final four guys, and many wondered why Clayton got the role of “Bachelor” over one of the many men of color on her season.

Fans have even suggested some men of color from previous seasons, such as Mike Johnson, who was a fan favorite on Hannah Brown’s season, or Andrew Spencer from Katie Thurston’s season.

Other rumors for the second of the back-to-back “Bachelor” seasons have included Greg Grippo and Blake Moynes.

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