Was Reality Steve Wrong About Michelle Young’s ‘Bachelorette’ Winner?

ABC Michelle Young's season of 'The Bachelorette' is in full swing.

Michelle Young has wrapped her season of “The Bachelorette” and spoilers about how her season ends have already been posted. However, not unlike every season that has come before this one, some fans are wondering if Reality Steve got it wrong.

Warning: Major “Bachelorette” spoilers ahead.

In early October 2021, Reality Steve revealed that Michelle chose Nayte Olukoya at the end of her season, and he proposed. The two left the show as an engaged couple, and that hasn’t changed — as far as Reality Steve knows.

And while there have definitely been indications that Michelle and Nayte are indeed together, a recent outing seems to be confusing fans. On Sunday, October 31, Michelle was spotted out at the Minnesota Vikings game with a friend. However, her former suitor — and rumored runner-up — Joe Coleman was also at the game.

Here’s what you need to know:

Michelle & Joe Weren’t Sitting Together at the Vikings Game on October 31

In photos taken by someone at the game (and shared on Reddit), both Michelle and Joe were at the Vikings game, both appearing on the big screen with their names below their faces for all to see.

While it might seem like Michelle and Joe planned to go to the game together, the two were not sitting together, and it does seem like they just both ended up at the same football game on the same day coincidentally. However, fans seem to be suspicious, nevertheless.

“What if Joe IS F1? And they really just coincidentally both showed up? I mean, couples don’t HAVE to do everything together. And we know they aren’t the best at communicating namely Joe lol, which could extend to not coordinating that they both separately would be at the game! I dunno. I just really like them together,” one Redditor wrote.

“Wow, [Joe] looks uncomfortable….That (and that they are both there separately – screams no communication, don’t think she would do that with a F1) doesn’t give me the vibes as if he and Michelle are on good terms now,” another pointed out.

“Logically, I know it means nothing but I’m having flashbacks to Hannah and Jed both being spotted at CMA fest when Tyler was still f1 and people said it was just a coincidence,” added another.

“I feel like this is awkward if she picks him and also awkward if she doesn’t,” a fourth person wrote.

All Signs Still Point to Nayte as Michelle’s Fiance

Not only did Nayte get Michelle’s First Impression Rose, but he’s been very active on social media, sharing plenty of photos of his time on “The Bachelorette.”

While it’s not uncommon for people on the show to share photos and videos of their experience while the show is airing, Nayte has been sharing photos of him and Michelle kissing, and has been writing fairly telling captions on his posts, which seem to be proving that he’s the winner.

Whether or not ABC producers will tell Nayte to tone it down in the coming weeks is unknown, but he’s been a roll to say the least!

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