‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Does Michelle Young’s Season End in an Engagement?

ABC Michelle Young.

Michelle Young has finished filming her season of “The Bachelorette” and fans have been wondering if she ended up finding love — and getting engaged on the finale.

Reality Steve has yet to reveal spoilers for Michelle’s season, so her final four men are not known, and it’s unclear who she may have chosen in the end. The one person that did have a Hometown Date is Nayte Olukoya, and some fans think that he made it to the final two (via Reddit). One hint that he made it far on the show? His Instagram is still private.

While we don’t know for sure what happens on Michelle’s journey to find love, former “Bachelorette” star and co-host for Michelle’s season, Tayshia Adams, gave some insight on what fans can expect.

Here’s what you need to know:

Tayshia Said That Michelle’s Ending Was Different Than the Past Few Seasons

In a new interview, Tayshia shared some insight into what goes down on Michelle’s season. Without giving too much away, Tayshia gave fans enough to speculate on.

“I don’t think we’ve seen an ending like what happens in a couple of seasons,” Tayshia told Entertainment Tonight during an interview backstage at the iHeart Music Festival in Las Vegas. “We’ve seen a lot… there’s a lot of highs and lows. All good things,” Tayshia added.

The last few seasons of the show included a great deal of drama, with people self-eliminating, and lots of tears shed by the contestants — and the leads. However, outside of Matt James’ season, most of the seasons have ended in an engagement (Clare Crawley got engaged to Dale Moss, Tayshia is engaged to Zach Clark, and Katie Thurston is engaged to Blake Moynes).

Does this mean that Michelle did not end up getting engaged on the finale of her season? It’s possible. However, judging by Tayshia’s additional comment of “all good things,” it sounds like things ended in a positive way for our new “Bachelorette.”

“I would just say, she definitely leaned in to her heart, and put it out on the line, and that’s all you can ask for from a ‘Bachelorette,'” Tayshia continued.

Fans are already trying to dissect Tayshia’s teaser.

“That sounds suspicious… the last few season ended in normal engagement which seems to say Michelle’s does not..?” one Redditor commented on a spoiler thread.

“Both Katie and Tayshia had men self eliminate at the end though and there was a sense of drama at the end for both. Matt didn’t have a traditional end either and neither did Peter. Maybe it’s the opposite in that she has her front runner the whole time and there’s no drama it’s just a budding romance that ends with the traditional engagement? Fingers crossed,” added another.

“I interpreted it as maybe a traditional ending where the F2 both make it to the FRC because we actually haven’t seen that since Hannah Brown,” suggested a third.

Michelle Has Been Promoting Her Season on Instagram

After Katie Thurston wrapped her season of “The Bachelorette,” she came back to Instagram in full force, and she was sharing all kinds of things — even some hints about who she chose to be with on the finale. However, Katie was super active before she left to film the show.

Michelle, on the other hand, hasn’t ever been super active on social media. Since she has returned back to her normal day-to-day life, she has posted a couple of things to Instagram, but everything has been directly related to promoting the show.

On September 15, she shared the photo above, using her job as a teacher to tease in the caption. “This is one class you won’t want to skip,” she wrote.

On September 19, Michelle shared a few more promotional photos. “Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses…especially Tuesday nights,” she captioned that post.

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