Was Michelle Young & Nayte Olukoya $200,000 Gift Unfair?

ABC Fans think that the gift that Michelle Young was given on 'ATFR' was unfair to previous stars of the show.

Following Michelle Young’s “Bachelorette” finale, she and her season pick, Nayte Olukoya, appeared on the live “After the Final Rose” special where they gave an update on their relationship.

After meeting in early September, the two fell in love and ended up getting engaged on the finale, and they are still very much in love today. And while just about everyone was happy to see these two getting along so well, especially after the last few failed seasons of the show, there was something that isn’t sitting right with some fans.

When Michelle and Nayte made their public debut as a couple, “ATFR” host Kaitlyn Bristowe teased that there was an upcoming surprise for the happy couple. While many people figured that production had paid for them to go on vacation, which isn’t all that uncommon, what happened next was a bit surprising.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Were Surprised That Michelle & Nayte Were Given Such a Large Check

ABCMichelle Young and Nayte Olukoya were gifted a check on the ‘ATFR’ special.

Michelle and Nayte were presented with a gingerbread house — and inside was a check for $200,000. Kaitlyn told the couple that the money was from production and was meant to be a downpayment on a new home. Michelle and Nayte revealed that they’ve been looking at homes in Michelle’s home state of Minnesota, and Nayte confirmed that he’s moving there from Austin, Texas, in the next couple of months.

While the gesture was certainly nice — okay, more than nice — some fans wondered why the producers decided to gift Michelle and Nayte such a large amount of money. Former couples hadn’t received anything like this previously, and many fans found the move unfair to previous leads.

“It feels so out of left field. One random theory I had was maybe she turned down being paid at the beginning, so they are gifting them this money. I don’t like comparing leads, but I wonder what Katie thinks. I just don’t get why she was given the money (but I’m glad she [was]),” one Redditor commented on a thread about the check.

“It felt odd to me, too. Why this, all of a sudden? What if they break up next week? What if they want to sell the house in a few years?” another Reddit user asked.

“I am 100% sure this has major strings attached,” someone else suggested.

“It feels like TPTB are so desperate for another ‘success story’ in the main franchise that they are willing to go above and beyond to help their transition to the real word. In this case, it also feels like overcompensating! Michelle and Nayte look solid,” a fourth person added.

Other social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, have also been filled with fans wondering why Michelle and Nayte were given such a hefty check — and many can’t help but wonder how the past leads feel about it.

Michelle & Nayte Have Both Expressed Gratitude for the Generous Gift

Regardless how anyone feels about the check — or its amount — Michelle and Nayte both seem extremely grateful for the gift. In fact, they both took to Instagram to say “thank you” after the episode aired.

“Nayte and I cannot express how grateful we are to have received the incredibly generous gift that we will be using to purchase our first home together! Although this @bacheloretteabc journey has come to an end, we are so excited to bring y’all with us as we start our life together! House warming invites to be sent soon,” Michelle captioned an Instagram post that she addressed “to the Bachelor family.”

“GRATEFUL AND THANKFUL! Truly truly truly. Words cannot express what this means to @michelleyoung and I. To the producers, executives, handlers, audio and visual, and everyone else involved with @bacheloretteabc, we are so appreciative and feel overwhelmingly supported and loved! Can’t wait for the house warming party in MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA,” Nayte captioned a photo of himself and Michelle looking at the check for the first time.

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