Fans Slam Michelle Young After She’s Seen Shopping at Target

Getty Images Michelle Young was out shopping without a mask.

Michelle Young was just about everyone’s favorite “Bachelorette” star, but a recent shopping trip had many fans disappointed. The newly engaged reality star stepped out with her fiance, Nayte Olukoya, but wasn’t wearing a face mask — and a lot of fans did not approve.

Nayte shared a photo of Michelle in what appeared to be a Target store ahead of the New Year’s holiday. Michelle was wearing a coat and a black Carthartt beanie, but was not wearing a mask.

And while most states no longer have mask mandates, especially for vaccinated individuals, many people are still choosing to wear a mask, especially during the recent surge of the Omicron variant of COVID-19.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Slammed Michelle for Being in a Store Without a Mask

It didn’t take long for Nayte’s post on his Instagram Stories to find its way onto Reddit and for “Bachelor” fans to comment. The post was actually shut down to new comments due to “pile on.” Nevertheless, several Redditors wondered why Michelle chose to step out without a mask on, especially given the fact that she’s an elementary school teacher.

“I think it’s ridiculous that people like Michelle who are in the media right now to a ton of younger viewers aren’t being role models for this pandemic. Like yes, somehow while we we’ve all been stuck in our houses, Michelle got a ‘normal’ season of the ‘Bachelorette.’ She got to live a normal life during shooting that we didn’t get. It’s back to pandemic life now that shooting is over and she needs to wear a mask and take this seriously,” one Redditor commented on the thread.

“IDK, it’s literally so easy to just wear a mask even if the place you’re in doesn’t require one. takes no effort on your part and helps keep yourself and those around you safer. seems like a no-brainer to me! plus masks keep you warm in the cold weather!!!!” added someone else.

“[She’s] like never wearing them. Obviously doesn’t care,” a third person wrote.

“Kinda sad how Michelle is a teacher and doesn’t wear a mask in public. I don’t care if she is a fan fav, she deserves criticism just like everyone else in BN who aren’t ‘fan favs,'” a fourth comment read.

Producers Asked the ‘After the Final Rose’ Audience to Wear Masks After Twitter Went Crazy During the Live Show

Nayte and Michelle’s recent Target trip isn’t the first time that masks were an issue. During the “After the Final Rose” special when Michelle and Nayte made their official debut as a couple, fans in the audience of the live show weren’t wearing masks.

Well, hundreds if not thousands of fans took to Twitter to comment about the maskless audience, and after a commercial, everyone was asked to put on masks, according to Yahoo! Entertainment.

“We have seen a lot of chatter online, so just so we’re clear, everyone around me has tested negative. But just to exercise additional caution, our audience will remain masked throughout the rest of the show,” host Kaitlyn Bristowe said.

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