Nick Viall Slams Clayton Echard on Live TV

Nick Viall and Clayton Echard

Getty/ABC Nick Viall and Clayton Echard.

Nick Viall did not mince words while taking part in a panel during the live finale of “The Bachelor.”

Monday’s first half of the two-part finale saw Clayton Echard confront his remaining two contestants – Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey – after Susie Evans’ departure. He tells the women, “I was intimate with each of you and I also was in love with Susie. And I am in love with both of you.”

Host Jesse Palmer asked Viall his thoughts on Clayton Echard’s brutal honesty approach.

“Well unfortunately though, he wasn’t,” the former lead said. “He left out the most important thing which is that he told Susie that he loved her the most and I feel like that would be something that like these women would want to hear, especially Gabby while he’s trying to convince her not to trust her gut.”

The podcast host added, “I think Clayton might have the best intentions but I think he never took the time to consider the position of power that he’s in as the Bachelor, right. He never took the time to empathize with these women and what it would be like to be in their shoes. And unfortunately, I think you’re seeing a guy who’s focused on finding love for himself and not finding love with someone else.”

The “Bachelor in Paradise” alum noted, “It feels like right now everyone knows that Clayton loves Susie the most except for Gabby and Rachel and I just know what’s, what they have to say watching this back.”

Nick Viall is no stranger to Bachelor Nation, appearing on “The Bachelorette,” “Bachelor in Paradise” and “The Bachelor.”

Clare Crawley & Michelle Young Also Weighed In on Echard’s Admission

Viall was joined by two former Bachelorettes, Clare Crawley and Michelle Young, who both weighed in on what Palmer called “the rose ceremony from hell.”

As Crawley explained, “I think it’s tough to watch. It was, it’s tough to be on our side of it. We all know what that feels like, but watching it is excruciating. And I think it’s cringy.”

The 40-year-old said she hopes he finds love, “because that’s ultimately why we go in this and sign up for this is because that’s what we want and that’s what we hope for. And I think only he knows what’s best for him.” Though she issued a reminder to viewers, “these are real people with their hearts on the line on both sides of it and so I just applaud all of them for putting out their vulnerability.”

Young knows Echard from his time as a contestant on her season.

“I mean there’s no handbook to being a lead or to being on the cast, but what I do know is being vulnerable, it is, it’s a really strong thing to put yourself out there and to give everything you have,” the 28-year-old said. “But I think it’s just this huge reminder that when you’re in a relationship and like when you’re loving, whether it’s family, whether it’s friends, an intimate relationship, you have to handle with care and that’s both sides and both sides have to be willing to put in the same amount of effort. Both sides have to feel heard and acknowledged and I think that’s the only way that, you know, two people can work past something like this.”

Bachelor Nation Rallied Around Viall

Bachelor Nation rallied around the former villain, with “Nick Viall” even trending on Twitter.

As one viewer tweeted, “You know it’s bad when Nick Viall is calling you out . . . Clayton’s making Nick Viall’s TWO SEASON Bachelorette villain arch look like child’s play #TheBachelor”

“Say what you want about Nick Viall, I think he’s had one of the most impressive come back stories in the entire Bachelor franchise,” read another tweet.

Others pointed out that his long history on the franchise has likely taught him a thing or two.

“Nick Viall: Clayton is focused on finding love for himself and not recognizing that finding love is about finding love for someone else too,” according to one tweet. “Nick didn’t go through FOUR seasons of Bachelor and Friends to not learn something #TheBachelor”

Some viewers even wished Viall would become the new host. Per one tweet, “Why isn’t Nick Viall the host? #TheBachelor”

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