Nick Viall Slams Victoria & Anna on ‘The Bachelor’ as ‘Garbage’

Nick Viall Slams Victoria & Anna

ABC/Rick Rowell, Craig Sjodin Victoria Larson, Nick Viall and Anna Redman.

Once a franchise “villain,” former Bachelor Nick Viall usually reserves passing character judgments on contestants. Yet, during his recent episode recap on The Viall Files, he shared his opinion that “Queen” Victoria Larson and Anna Redman are “trash.”

While editing can sometimes distort a situation, Viall told his podcast guest Lauren Zima, “You look at Anna and Victoria, it is clear that there is so much data and so much information and so many comments from them about their behavior and the things they said that I’m comfortable with saying that I think Anna and Victoria are just kind of toxic, they kind of have garbage character traits.”

He continued, “I think there’s a lot of insecurities and I think there’s a lot of nastiness at their cores as humans and I am not interested.”

Larson has been labeled the “villain” since the first week, having clashed with contestants Marylynn Sienna, Sarah Trott and Katie Thurston. While Redman was also involved in the conflict with Trott, Viall had not considered her “trash” until last week’s episode when she spread accusations that newcomer Brittany Galvin is an escort. Social media has labeled these women as a part of this season’s “mean girls” problem.

Viall Said Redman Went From ‘Just Someone Matt Wasn’t Into,’ and Transformed Into a ‘Trash Human’ After Last Week’s Episode

Viall’s problems with Redman started after the last episode, telling Zima, “Before she was, like, just someone Matt wasn’t into and now she’s a trash human.”

As viewers saw, the copywriter from Chicago told Larson, “People have gone out of their way to find me and tell me, ‘Oh my God, watch out for this girl.’” She then confronted Galvin about the accusations, who denied them on the show and again on social media.

According to Viall, such a comment is an admission that Redman knew Galvin would enter the house, though maybe not the timing.

“And somehow everyone in Chicago knew she was going on The Bachelor and to like give her a head’s up that this other girl you should watch out for?” the former Bachelor quipped. “Clearly Anna was telling her, probably every friend she has that she’s about to go on the show so word got around and then Brittany told her friends and they have a mutual friend, they probably work in the service industry in Chicago.”

When Zima, Entertainment Tonight host and girlfriend of Chris Harrison, inquired about why Viall seemingly had more issues with Redman than Larson, he said it was because she started the rumor. “She keeps admitting she knows it’s just a rumor yet keeps on insisting on talking about it and that’s just a terrible quality to have,” he said.

Viall also claimed the Hannah Brown look-alike enjoys the drama, pointing out she smiled during the confessional interview in which she said, “There is a rumor since she knows all of the rich men in Chicago that Brittany may be an escort. She may be having a transactional relationship with wealthy men.”

Viall Believes Larson Loves the Attention

While Larson did not start the rumor, she “loved it, she went along with it, she embraced it,” said Viall, adding neither is “better or worse.”

Having appeared on nearly every iteration of the show, Viall also addressed the theory that Larson is a producer plant. “Victoria’s been so outrageous to your point, that there are people who are like, ‘She must be a paid actor, she must be a producer plant.’” he explained. “They don’t have to do that, people in this world, in this country, are insane enough, that are so desperate for attention and they’ll go about it anyway and Victoria is proof of this. Like, she knows what she’s doing but she doesn’t care because she just loves the attention.”

Larson appeared on Good Morning America to address the accusations. “Honestly, it was all in good fun. If my words or actions hurt anyone, like I sincerely apologize and I’ll do better and hold myself accountable,” Larson told Kaylee Hartung. “I’m not a bully, I’m really not.”

All Viall could seem to say of their behavior was reiterating how disappointed he was. What happens next with Larson and Redman can be seen tonight on ABC at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

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