Noah Erb on The Bachelorette: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Noah Erb and Tayshia Adams

ABC Noah Erb didn't waste time making his presence known on The Bachelorette.

Noah Erb was a late addition to season 16 of The Bachelorette, arriving on episode five after Clare Crawley was replaced by Tayshia Adams. He wasted no time making an indelible impression on Bachelor Nation, though.

At first, he was shrugged off as a non-threat by other contestants who viewed Noah as the new guy with a silly mustache. But he quickly established himself as a contender in episode six when he crashed a wrestling-themed group date and earned a rose, despite not even being on the original invite list for the date. When he allowed Tayshia to shave his mustache during the date, he shot straight to the handful of frontrunners on the show.

But it may not be long before Noah takes over as the biggest villain on the show. He even acknowledged as much on his Instagram when he posted a preview of his “big bad villain” turn in episode seven.

Here’s what you need to know about Noah Erb from The Bachelorette:

1. Noah Erb’s Nursing Career Fits His Love For Travel

A travel nurse is a healthcare worker who takes temporary jobs at hospitals and clinics that need short-term staffing patches. In April 2018, Erb posted on his Instagram that he quit his job at St. John’s Medical Center and Hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma to eventually become a travel nurse. But first he planned on spending a month in Europe.

In the weeks that followed, he posted photos from England, France, Germany, Czechia, Poland, and Italy.

In June 2018, he said that he was driving to California for his first travel nursing contract. Since then, he’s done plenty more traveling — including trips to Nepal and Colombia — during his breaks from work. He’s currently working at a hospital in Sherman, Texas.

2. Noah Is a Twin & One of 11 Kids

The Erb family certainly isn’t small. On his first night on The Bachelorette, Noah told Tayshia that he has 10 siblings, including a twin.

His fraternal twin, Aaron, works as a safety engineer for Valero and hasn’t hesitated to roast his brother for his Bachelorette appearances. While Noah went on The Bachelorette to find love, his twin already did and got married in 2016.

Tayshia has said that she wants to have a big family and told Brendan Morais that she envisions having five kids. That’s probably not an overwhelming idea for Noah to wrap his head around.

3. Noah Holds his Religion In High Regard

The first words in Noah’s Instagram bio read “Travel Nurse that Loves Jesus.” Not long after is a link to a blog called “Erbswords” that includes some musings from Noah (although it’s been updated just once since 2016).

In his most recent post, Noah asks “How does one give thanks and show appreciation to THE ONE who has it all?”

His dedication to Christianity isn’t surprising considering his father, Jeffrey Erb, is a minister at East Tulsa Bible Chapel. The patriarch of the Erb family even has his own website called with three volumes of recorded hymns of worship and remberance.

4. Other Bachelorette Contestants Say Noah’s the Biggest Ham on the Show

In hindsight, it shouldn’t have been too surprising that Noah had such a bold coming out party on episode six of the show. Other contestants have been warning us for a while that Noah didn’t hold back during the filming of the show.

His roommate on the show, Spencer Robertson, told “Bachelor Happy Hour” co-hosts Rachel Lindsay and Becca Kufrin that his friend Noah was the biggest drama queen of the contestants.

“Noah’s my boy, but he’s not afraid of controversy — let’s put it that way,” Spencer said.

According to Becca, another guest on the show (she couldn’t remember if it was Bennett Jordan or Eazy Nwachukwu) described Noah as the biggest “ham,” who would play things up for the camera.

5. Noah’s Not THAT Committed to His Mustache

The decision to part with his mustache on episode six was made to look like an agonizing call for Noah, but he doesn’t seem too devoted to one facial hair style.

Just before he made his television debut on The Bachelorette, Erb was posting photos will a full beard. A month later, he’s clean shaven on his Instagram stories.

So don’t feel too bad about Tayshia urging him to change up his look. He does it all the time, evidently.

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