Carly Waddell Reveals if She Would Do Another ‘Bachelor’ Show

Carly Waddell

ABC Carly Waddell appears on ‘Bachelor in Paradise: After Paradise.’

It seems Carly Waddell has retired her roses. The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise star revealed she would be embarrassed if she appeared on another Bachelor Nation show following her split from Evan Bass.

“When I think about that I start laughing because like I can’t even imagine walking up to Chris Harrison and being like ‘Here I am again,’” Waddell revealed in a question and answer video on YouTube. “Like, I’d be so embarrassed. Like it didn’t, it didn’t really work out so like what makes me think it would happen.”

Waddell appeared on Chris Soules’ season of The Bachelor before appearing on two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise. It was on the beaches of Mexico that she met her soon-to-be ex-husband, Evan Bass. The former couple shares two children. In December 2020, Waddell and Bass announced their intention to divorce.

“I think one of those biggest things that I’ve learned in life is, like, when there’s, like, a pattern of things, like good or bad things, like maybe like look at the pattern and then like reevaluate what you’re gonna do,” said the former cruise singer. “Would I ever do that again? Well look how it worked out for me, it hasn’t so that would probably be a bad idea on my part.”

Waddell Will Not Date Until Her Divorce Is Finalized

While fans want information on Waddell’s dating life, she revealed, “Oh my god, I can’t even think about that.”

She continued to explain that she still views herself as married and has no plans to date until her divorce is finalized.

“This is so just me as a person but I would just never, I made a commitment and even though the divorce proceedings are happening, I would never date anybody before that divorce was final,” said Waddell. She added, “Maybe that’s to my detriment.”

The Nashville-based star admits she is nervous to get back into dating.

She said, “How do you even do it? I don’t even know anymore. We live in a pandemic. Like, what, I don’t even, like, know what that would look like. I don’t even know when I would even invite that like into my life.”

Waddell Is Focusing on Herself

Before making her Bachelor debut, Waddell sang on cruise ships.

“I haven’t really sang since then because I’m, it was kind of like Bachelor whirlwind and I went from like show to show to show to show and then got married and had kids and I haven’t really had time to do anything for me that I’m really excited about,” Waddell explained.

She is looking to change that in 2021, revealing during her vision board unveiling that making music and releasing an EP are among her goals for the year.

When asked about her self care following her split, Waddell reveals she hired a part-time nanny. “She gives me time away from the kids so I can work but also sometimes I take some of that time to like, write songs which to me is my self-care because that’s where I am creative and I’m like excited,” she explained.

Though, she admitted, “Sometimes I just take a bath.”

Waddell said new music should be released within the next couple of months.

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