‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Casting Wants Your Help in Deciding Who Should Be Invited

The cast of 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

ABC The cast of 'Bachelor in Paradise.'

Bachelor in Paradise” is set to start filming any day now, with a projected premiere date of August 16. Although ABC has not announced when production will begin — or who will host the new season — but there absolutely will be a new season, according to the network.

“Later in the summer, ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ makes its long-awaited return on Monday, August 16. Postponed last season due to the pandemic, the series brings back sizzling summer nights for the first time in two years,” the network said in a press release.

On May 14, the official “Bachelor in Paradise” Instagram featured a question box that asked fans who they would like to see in “Paradise.”

“Hey, Bachelor Nation. We want to know. Who are you hopeful to see in ‘Paradise’? Asking for a friend,” the slide on the “BiP” Instagram Story read, along with a question box for “Paradise Picks.”

Rumors about who might show up in “Paradise” have been circulating for weeks, though it seems that only one person has been confirmed; Dr. Joe Park. Back on January 8, ABC executive Robert Mills tweeted, “We’ve got ourselves a vaccinated Paradisian!!” along with a photo of Joe after he’d received his COVID-19 vaccine.

So, who else might we see in “Paradise” and are there already couples starting to form?

Here’s what you need to know:

Several Members of Bachelor Nation Have Been Hanging out Ahead of ‘Paradise’

Fans have been keeping close eyes on the Instagram accounts of their favorite Bachelor Nation members, and many of them have already been hanging out — which could mean that they’ll be getting together in “Paradise” when the time comes.

According to a recent “Bachelor” blind from DeuxMoi that was posted on Reddit, Noah Erb, Chasen Nick, and Spencer Robertson from Clare Crawley/Tayshia Adams’ season of “The Bachelorette” have all been confirmed.

Rumored ladies from Matt James’ season that could be heading to “Paradise” include Serena Pitt, who told Screenrant that she already has a “BiP” game plan. “I would go in with a very open mind. I think it’s easy to look at someone and think they’re really attractive, but I’m definitely someone who bases a lot on chemistry and interaction,” she told the outlet.

Chelsea Vaughn also seems to be interested in finding love in “Paradise,” based on a bikini photo that she posted on Instagram on March 22. “Did someone say paradise?” Chelsea captioned the shot, adding the side eye emoji. Kit Keenan, who was also on Matt’s season, seemed to give herself away as well, commenting that she was “on [her] way.”

According to Us Weekly, other rumored cast members include Blake Hortsmann, Chris Randone, Victoria Fuller, Victoria Paul, Clay Harbor, Chris Bukowski, and Ed Waisbrot.

There are a few people who most likely will not be in “Paradise.” According to Matt, he won’t be joining the cast, and neither will his BFF Tyler Cameron. “There’s a negative chance I’ll be on ‘Paradise.’ There is a negative chance Tyler’s on there as well. I think we’re good on that,” Matt told People in April.

Additional chatter has seen Tia Booth, Peter Weber, Mike Johnson, Pieper James, Abigail Heringer, Bennett Jordan, and Hannah Ann Sluss’ names thrown around.

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couples Are Already Being Shipped

Since Blake Hortsmann was the trendsetter (or secret exposer?) when it comes to people hanging out and getting to know one another before heading to “Paradise,” fans are convinced that people spotted hanging out ahead of filming are destined to be a thing on the show.

According to Us Weekly, Bennett Jordan has already shown interest in two women who could potentially join the cast; Kit Keenan and the newly single Kelley Flanagan.

Meanwhile, Ivan Hall was spotted hanging out with Heather Martin during a party in April, and Brendan Morais has been linked to Pieper James… who has also been linked to Mike Johnson.

One of the maybe-couples that fans would love to see? Madison Prewett and Connor Saeli.

“There was a person that I was interested in who may or may not be going on ‘Paradise’ this upcoming season. When I say ‘interested in,’ we were hanging out and talking for a while,” Connor said during an interview on “The Bachelor Degree” podcast back in May. “But that person decided to also talk to another person at the same time, which I recently found out. I would’ve been interested in going if I had the opportunity to explore that connection. That’s the only reason I would want to go,” Connor added, without naming names. It seems, however, that he was talking about Madi.

Meanwhile, as previously reported by Heavy, Mike Johnson and Abigail Heringer were spotted together earlier this month, and fans would likely be more than ecstatic to see these two actually get to know each other in “Paradise.”

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