‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Spoilers: This Couple Is Back on After the Finale

ABC 'Bachelor in Paradise' cast.

Bachelor in Paradise” is very much underway and couples have already formed — a few of which will have staying power while others won’t quite make it the distance.

WARNING: “Bachelor in Paradise” spoilers ahead.

Before the show started airing, Reality Steve confirmed that former “Bachelorette” star Becca Kufrin would be joining the cast — and that she’d start dating Thomas Jacobs, the villain from Katie Thurston’s season.

“If you thought Thomas got a lot of air time this season, just wait til ‘Paradise.’ Thomas is heavily involved with Becca Kufrin for the last half of BIP, but, she eventually breaks up with him before the finale,” Reality Steve tweeted back on June 28.

In his blog posted on August 31, Reality Steve confirmed that Thomas and Becca have gotten back together after the show — and they are currently dating.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reality Steve Predicts Bachelor Nation Will Accept Thomas Once He Starts Dating Becca

Thomas hasn’t exactly been everyone’s favorite person in “Paradise,” and that stems from his time on “The Bachelorette.” However, Reality Steve thinks that fans will start to like him more once he starts hitting it off with Becca.

Although it was initially reported that the two split up before the finale, news that they are now back on could save Thomas from being one of the most hated people in the franchise.

“All it takes is to be seen, hang out with, or date someone loved by the franchise and, voila!, public opinion changes on you at the snap of a finger. I never thought what Thomas said about the Bachelor gig during Katie’s season was that big of deal. All guys think that. He was just dumb enough to verbalize it,” Reality Steve wrote, referring to Thomas expressing his desire to become the next “Bachelor” star.

“I was always just a little skeptical of how he said things, how quickly he claimed to be in love with Katie, almost every guy in the house having an issue with the guy, and then on BIP Thomas admitting that he did things which I don’t think we ever knew about when he apologized for specifics to Tre and Aaron. Is he a monster? No. But I don’t think he handled situations well at all on this show. But now that he’s with Becca? ‘You know, I really like that Thomas guy!’ You could’ve seen this one coming a mile away,” Reality Steve added.

Fans Suspects Becca & Thomas Were Back on Due to Their Social Media Activity

Eagle eyed social media users pointed out that Thomas shared a video to his Instagram Stories earlier this month in which he appeared to be in Becca’s kitchen. The dead giveaway? Her marble countertops. Fans also saw a blanket ladder in one of his posts and were convinced that it belonged to Becca.

Reddit has been alive with fans shipping these two, giving them the couple name “Thecca.” Following Reality Steve’s spoiler, fans expressed their opinions on the reunion.

“YES YES we totally already knew this though because of the plant and the blanket and there was never even a tiny bit of doubt!!!” one Redditor commented.

“I KNEW IT!!!!!!!! no way in hell did that man have his own blanket ladder,” added another.

“I’m oddly very excited over this pairing,” wrote a third.

Another dead giveaway? Thomas’ mom is following Becca on Instagram. Redditors have been on point with this couple’s reconciliation!

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