EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bachelor’ Star Peter Weber on Dating, Snacking & the Biggest ‘Rush’ of His Life

Getty Images Peter Weber skipped 'Paradise' due to work.

If you’ve been a long-time fan of “The Bachelor,” you’re probably very familiar with Peter Weber a.k.a. “Pilot Pete.” First starring on Hannah Brown’s season of “The Bachelorette” before inking a deal to hand out roses himself, Peter spent a great deal of time in our living rooms — and we decided to catch up with him after hearing that he almost went on “Bachelor in Paradise” — and that he’s got a new favorite snack.

Peter has teamed up with Dirt Kitchen Snacks for a collaboration, and he decided to tell Heavy all about it — and more — in an exclusive interview. We asked Pete why he’s partnered with the company, and he gave us the good.

“I’m always looking for healthier alternatives while I’m on the road with my busy
travel schedule and Dirt Kitchen Snacks offers just that. These great tasting snacks
are good for your body since they are made from air-dried veggies and good for the
environment since the Veggie Crisps use upcycled veggies. I take them with me on
every trip! I’m obsessed,” Peter said.

And while it sounds like not being permitted to bring his Dirt Kitchen Snacks to “Paradise” was ultimately the deal-breaker for him, Peter told us the real reason that he didn’t try to find love in Mexico this summer.

“I was going to give ‘Paradise’ a shot just because it felt most natural to me out of all the shows,” Peter tells Heavy exclusively. “I’m someone that does better in a more personal, one on one
environment opposed to having to date so many different women at once. I got my class date with my airline right before. I was able to achieve my dream, so it was a no brainer for me to pass on ‘Paradise,'” he explained.

So, is Peter dating now? Is he still in touch with his exes? Here’s what you need to know:

Peter Is Getting Back Into the Dating World

Yes, he got engaged on the finale of “The Bachelor” after proposing to Hannah Ann Sluss, but things didn’t work out. Peter expressed still having feelings for Madi Prewett, who ended up leaving the show early, but that relationship never blossomed. Peter then started dating Kelley Flanagan, who was also on his season of the show, but they called it quits in early 2021.

So, is Peter single these days? Yes. Is he dating again? Also yes. “I’m starting to get back out in the dating scene and it’s exciting. I’m so grateful for the last 10 or so months of being single, it’s been a great reset,” he said.

Given his recent dating history, we asked Peter if he’d ever date someone else from the franchise. “I’m not opposed to dating someone from the franchise. Never say never,” he said. However, he isn’t planning on going to “Paradise” to find love — if he doesn’t have to.

“I’d hope I wouldn’t have a need for ‘Paradise.’ But I also understand you can’t force
relationships, so if I’m single come next season, I’ll cross that bridge when I have
to,” Peter told us.

Reality Television Changes Everyone — but Pete Still Stayed True to His Roots

We asked Pete why he originally decided to apply for a spot on “The Bachelorette,” and he figured, why not?

“I’m someone that is always up for an adventure,” Pete said. “I’ve also always been a hopeless
romantic and this opportunity seemed like the perfect way to explore both of those
parts of my life. I had applied years prior, but never heard anything. Then, I was
randomly DMed on Instagram asking if I was interested and the rest is history,” he explained.

We also wanted to know how reality TV changed Peter, and he had a positive experience through and through.

“I’ve had the time of my life through reality TV. I’ve had a ton of fun and even though
I didn’t find love through it, I’ve learned so many great lessons the last few years
because of the show. I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to do incredible
things and meet amazing people because of my time on the show – including
working with my go-to travel snack brand, Dirt Kitchen Snacks,” Peter said.

And while reality television was a trip, Peter says that he wasn’t about to give up his career for it.

“The biggest misconception about me is that I was going to leave my career as a pilot after the
show and change my life path. I’m so grateful for how the show has changed my life but God
willing I’m going to fly till I’m 65 when I have to retire! (Also people always say I’m taller in
person than I looked on the show! LOL),” he told us.

And, the coolest thing about his job?

“The coolest thing about my job is the never-ending adventure. Every time I go to
work it’s something different, which I love. I get to fly a jet at 80% the speed of
sound to essentially a mini vacation. To this day, every time I advance the thrust
levers on take off and the plane starts accelerating down the runway, I get a rush
that nothing else compares to,” Peter said.

Part two of Heavy’s interview with Peter will be live in a couple of weeks. Make sure to follow the Heavy on The Bachelor Facebook page so you don’t miss it.

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