Are Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan Engaged?!

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan


Wedding bells are not ringing just yet for former-Bachelor Peter Weber and his contestant-turned-girlfriend Kelley Flanagan. The couple recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight and set the record straight on engagement rumors swirling around the internet.

Since it was first shared by DeuxMoi, a pop culture gossip account on Instagram, speculation has run rampant that the pilot and lawyer secretly got engaged.

“We are loving continuing to get to know each other, having lots of great adventures and growing together,” Flanagan told Entertainment Tonight. “We are very happy!”

While they are not getting married yet, Flanagan revealed to Entertainment Tonight that they are planning to move in together. After serendipitously meeting before filming began, Flanagan decided to go on Weber’s season of The Bachelor where she was eliminated in week seven. Months after Weber’s engagement to Hannah Ann Sluss ended, he reconnected with Flanagan and confirmed their relationship in May.

“I’m super excited to take this next step with Kell and move to New York and to see what adventures await,” Weber told Entertainment Tonight in July.

“We’re not on a reality show anymore, we can take our time,” added Flanagan at the time. “We don’t need to rush anything. We want to make sure each other is in the right headspace, and there’s nothing wrong with that. We’re happy and we’re living life.”

And life they are living. The couple documents their adventures on social media, whether hiking, hanging out with family or being flown around by Weber.

Weber Is Making up for Eliminating Flanagan

Flanagan did not receive Weber’s final rose, nor even break the top four of his season. “Everything I put Kelley through… I’m still working to make it up to her for not picking her,” Weber told Entertainment Tonight. “And I’m never going to stop.”

Infamously, Weber proposed to Sluss only to break up with her before the After the Final Rose special. He would go on to have a brief reconnection with runner-up Madison Prewett, though the two never started dating.

In mid-March, Weber and Flanagan started texting after a group outing. He and his former castmate from Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette, Dustin Kendrick, quarantined with Flanagan as friends.

They admitted to Entertainment Tonight to hashing a few things out before getting back together.

“Trust is a huge thing, but if you just hear each other out, it’s a lot easier,” Flanagan explained. “We’ve sat down and talked everything through, and it makes a lot more sense if you’re on our end than the public’s.”

As Weber put it, “She’s my biggest fan and she supports me and she’s always there for me. I know I have my partner in crime forever.”

Flanagan Has Been Critical of Her Time on ‘The Bachelor’

Flanagan has not shied away from criticizing the popular dating competition. When Weber appeared on the Almost Famous podcast in April, Flanagan also shared some insights on her time hosts Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconneti.

“I wasn’t the best contestant for the show, and I think everyone knows that,” Flanagan told them. “But even with him, on the show, I’d see him getting manipulated and I just wanted to be like, ‘Can you stop! Like, make your own decision. Like, stop!'”

She noted a change in demeanor after their one-on-one date, despite claiming nothing happened, saying he was “so pissed off.”

Flanagan went on to claim producers also “locked me in a closet for three hours” and prevented her from seeing Weber.

After the interview, franchise host Chris Harrison told Entertainment Tonight he called Flanagan, asking, “‘We don’t lock people in closets, so clearly you weren’t locked in a closet for three hours. What did you mean?'”

According to Harrison, Flanagan laughed about the claim, telling him it was “taken a little bit out of context,” unaware she was a part of the interview at that point.

Flanagan was not in a closet, but rather a room being interviewed, Harrison elaborated. “I think Kelley was frustrated at the time and that’s how she articulated that.”

Harrison maintains he has a good relationship with Weber and Flanagan.

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