‘Equally Messy’ Former ‘Bachelor’ Stars Officially Reunite: ‘Like Moths to a Flame for Each Other’

Couple in woods

Pixabay A couple relaxes together in the woods.

After weeks of speculation among “The Bachelor” fans, a former pair that is rumored to be together again is apparently ready to make it official. Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan are giving their romance another chance, and it seems their reconnection happened earlier than most fans suspected.

Here’s what you need to know:

Weber & Flanagan Recently Danced the Night Away

About a month ago, “The Bachelor” fans started buzzing over sightings of Flanagan and Weber together. There were a couple of different instances where fans spotted them in different locations, although neither Flanagan nor Weber acknowledged the speculation. The sightings came just months after she blasted her former beau, suggesting he wasn’t man enough or mature enough to be husband material.

Then, earlier in September, fans noticed fresh interactions involving Weber and Flanagan. In one case, he left a spicy comment on one of her Instagram posts. In addition, a “Bachelor” fan saw them together at a club in New York City. Again, however, they both avoided addressing or confirming any speculation among fans they had officially reunited. Apparently, they now feel ready to go public with their romance relaunch.

Just days ago, Weber and Flanagan danced together at a gala organized by former “Bachelorette” star Tyler Cameron. The event was for the Andrea Cameron Foundation, the organization created in memory of his mother. The Bachelor Nation Scoop Instagram page shared a short video of Flanagan and Weber dancing together at the event, and it certainly prompted comments from fans.

“I can’t explain it, but I like them together, and I’m always rooting for them to be together,” commented one fan on the Instagram post.

The Duo Is Having Fun Together Again

According to a source for Us Weekly, Flanagan and Weber are “full-on back together” and having “a lot of fun together.” The source noted they “rekindled their romance this summer and have been spending a lot of time together since then.” It may be all about light-hearted fun for now, but it seems this reunion may come with more serious long-term intentions. “Peter wants to be in a serious committed relationship and his feelings for Kelley never went away,” the media outlet’s source detailed.

Could this romance go the distance this time? “The Bachelor” fans will remember they briefly met shortly before filming for his season started, and he eliminated her just before hometowns. After Weber was single again post-”Bachelor,” he reconnected with Flanagan and they were practically inseparable for a while. However, just before moving to New York City together, they split. “The Bachelor” fans who have been following the ups and downs of this pair had plenty to say about the romance relaunch on Reddit.

“It’s been years and Peter’s season is still ongoing. That man has given us so much. He just gives and gives and gives,” joked one Redditor.

“Honestly? Im kinda here for it in a weird way. Long live Peter’s season,” quipped someone else.

“They are exhausting AND I like them. Both things are true!” declared another fan.

“These two belong together. They are like moths to a flame for each other. Equally messy. I ship it,” admitted a fourth Redditor.

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