Fans Think They’ve Spotted Peter Weber With 1 of His Season Exes

Peter Weber

Getty Peter Weber attends ABC Television's Winter Press Tour 2020.

A recent social media post got “The Bachelor” fans buzzing when it appeared former lead Peter Weber had reunited with one of his most controversial bachelorettes. While some fans thought the mysterious man looked just like Weber, others disagreed and thought he looked more like a different lead from earlier in the franchise. Either pairing would have been buzzworthy, and the former contestant involved seemed content to play somewhat coy about the identity of the man in the video.

Here’s what you need to know:

Victoria Fuller Had Some Fun With a TikTok


sounds fun but I have to wash my neighbors cat & vacuum my driveway

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

Victoria Fuller’s TikTok showed her in a bar having a one-on-one discussion with a guy. His back was to the camera, and he was doing the talking at this particular moment. Fuller listened, but was not particularly charmed by what he was saying. She added text to the video joking, “When he tells you he is going to fly you out with his Southwest points,” and she did a massive eye roll as she listened to her companion talk. In the caption, she wrote, “sounds fun but I have to wash my neighbors cat & vacuum my driveway.”

Immediately, a few people asked if her companion was Peter Weber. As “The Bachelor” fans will remember, Fuller was on Weber’s season and their dynamic was rather intense. Her elimination was dramatic, and her past came to haunt her on a couple of dates during filming, noted Cosmopolitan. Despite all the drama, Weber and Fuller shared plenty of chemistry, so it would not be completely unexpected for the two to revisit that.

“Is that Peter though?” one person asked in the comments section. Fuller replied a simple “No,” but others asked as well. “I watched this four times and still think this is Peter,” someone else noted, and another person wrote, “The mannerisms scream Pilot Pete.” There were a handful of comments from “The Bachelor” fans noting Weber doesn’t fly for Southwest, and that as a pilot, he wouldn’t need to use points to fly Fuller somewhere. People seemed to have fun speculating, though.

Weber Was Not the Only Franchise Veteran Considered

The man whose back was to the camera reminded some other “Bachelor Nation” fans of other franchise veterans. “I’m getting Greg vibes,” noted one, referencing Greg Grippo from Katie Thurston’s season of “The Bachelorette.” The possibility the man involved could be former “Bachelor” Nick Viall popped up in the comments section as well. “Nick for sure,” noted one person.

The speculation carried over to Reddit too. “If it’s not Peter Victoria definitely has a type lol,” one poster quipped.

“Y’all are there 2 Pilot Petes out there because this looks exactly like him to me,” someone else wrote.

“Looks more like Nick to me, which would make sense because I think they’re friends,” another person suggested.

“Looks more like Grippo,” noted another poster, again referencing Thurston’s contestant.

“I would love the dumpster fire that would undoubtedly ensue, but I don’t think that’s him? Sadly,” read another Reddit response. Fuller’s companion may well have been someone else entirely, someone with no connection to the franchise. However, she did little to dispel any speculation, and “The Bachelor” fans had plenty of fun dissecting this one.

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Debbie McClelland
Debbie McClelland
30 days ago

That is definitely not Peter.

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