ABC Executive Says ‘Satisfying’ End Is Coming for ‘Bachelor’ Villain

The Bachelor rose ceremony

ABC A rose ceremony on episode four of 'The Bachelor.'

There probably aren’t many viewers of The Bachelor who think “Queen” Victoria Larson has a real shot at getting the final rose from Matt James. A recent Variety interview with ABC executive Rob Mills all but confirmed her impending exit — even if he hedged his answer by raising the possibility of a happily ever after with James.

Mills also promised that it’ll be an exit that leaves fans feeling good about Larson getting her comeuppance.

“Hey, for all we know, she can end up with Matt,” Mills said. “But I will say that whenever her time comes to an end on the show, it will be satisfying for everyone.”

Mills’ assertion that Larson still has a shot at being James’ final selection is undercut by him admitting in another question that fans who saw the first few episodes “absolutely hated her.” If a satisfying ending is truly on the way for Larson, it certainly won’t be a tearful proposal in the finale.

If the previews for episode five are any indication, Larson’s elimination may be coming sooner rather than later.

Previews Show Matt James Handling ‘The Bachelor’ Bullying Issue

At the tail end of episode four of The Bachelor, Katie Thurston pulled James aside to ask him to address the ongoing bullying that was happening among the contestants.

“If you’re having to belittle someone else for you to shine, then those aren’t the qualities I’m looking for in my wife,” James was shown saying in a preview that ran at the end of the episode.

The ringleader of most of those situations has been Larson. She manufactured drama with Marylynn Sienna seemingly out of thin air (although there is some footage that perhaps proves otherwise), she led a mob of snide remarks and fury directed at Sarah Trott and she confronted Thurston for telling her to stop insulting Trott.

Upon the arrival of five new women in episode four, Larson wasted no time turning her focus on the newbies. She snatched the crown off the head of Catalina Morales within seconds of meeting her.

The preview largely focuses on Larson, Anna Redman and MJ Snyder, seemingly casting them as the trio of bullies who are under fire for their actions. The end of the preview appears to show a woman being sent home by James. It doesn’t take too much guesswork to make a reasonable prediction that it’s probably Larson who gets the boot for her bullying, which would be the satisfying exit that Mills promised.

Larson’s 2012 Arrest Recently Resurfaced

Larson has drawn plenty of attention for her villain role on The Bachelor, but all that spotlight caused reporters to dig into her past. The Sun discovered that in July 2012, Larson was arrested and charged with petit theft in Tallahassee, Florida. Police said she stole over $250 in goods, including makeup, from a Publix grocery store, according to The Sun.

She later agreed to a plea deal that included two days of jail time, which she had already served immediately following her arrest, as well as fines and probation, both of which she completed by early 2013, according to court records reviewed by Heavy.

Shortly after the news of her arrest resurfaced, Larson reacted to the news with an Instagram post that included a biblical verse.

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