‘Queen’ Victoria Describes Sexual Experience With Matt James

'Queen' Victoria Larson and Matt James

ABC/Craig Sjodin 'Queen' Victoria Larson speaks with Matt James during a 'Bachelor' group date.

It may still be early in this season of The Bachelor, but Matt James’ relationships with some of his contestants are already heating up. In a sneak peek of tonight’s episode, the women are tasked with writing their “own love story” to be read aloud.

The Entertainment Tonight clip reveals Ashley Iaconetti hosts the date inspired by franchise host Chris Harrison’s romance novel, The Perfect Letter. “It’s passionate. There’s a lot of sex in it,” reveals Iaconetti. She then prompts, “You’re going to be writing your own love story with Matt. It’s not only going to be shared amongst this group, but also with a live studio audience.”

As the women break out into nervous laughter, Bri Springs is shown telling the camera, “This is going to be very uncomfortable for everybody.”

She appears to not be along in that sentiment, as Anna Redman says “Looking at him, telling him what it would be like with me. Yeah, that’s intimidating.”

Yet, as the women break out on their own to write, it seems ‘Queen’ Victoria Larson is more than willing to get explicit.

While practicing her story on Iaconetti, she reads, “And then she pushed him onto his back so she could [bleep] his [bleep] because she needed him [bleep] at that very moment.”

“Oh wow,” Iaconetti responds, unable to hide her reactions. “You’re going to make an impression, I’ll tell you that.”

Larson Is Already Causing Drama in the House

While it has yet to be seen how Larson’s story is received, she has already started ruffling feathers among her castmates. After being frustrated Springs was chosen for James’ first one-on-one date last week, she told the other women “I’m literally so sick of you guys, I want to hang out with Matt [James].”

She doubled down later that evening when the other women expressed jealousy while being able to see the date’s firework display. As the clash grew, Larson referred to herself as “authentic” and the other women as “fake.”

Her roommate, Marylynn Sienna, asked her to not clump the group together. Narrowing her focus on Sienna, Larson claimed she was told, “I want to pick your brain and understand you and see why you act the way you do,” which she found “insulting.”

As Sienna rebutted she just wanted “to get to know each other” in an attempt to make their living situation work, Larson stormed off.

In an unaired clip, Larson is seen arriving at her room to find Sienna seemingly removed her bags and she then chooses to sleep on a couch in the common area. After the issue is brought to James’ attention, the two try to hash it out to avail.

Despite this, James has maintained that he found her funny and she was popular amongst the houseguest, indicating her perception in the house may shift.

Larson Has Garnered Backlash Off-Air

While signs might be pointing to an uptick in her internal popularity, Larson has not been received well by viewers of the franchise. She has even been accused of being a plant.

“The more I think about it, the more I believe that Victoria was planted by the show/producers. She just doesn’t seem to fit the mold. Her ‘villain’ traits don’t seemed authentic. Her presence, attitude, etc were so forced. No way she’s just a random contestant,” former Bachelorette winner J.P. Rosenbaum tweeted.

She also received backlash after it was revealed on Reddit that she deleted a photo seemingly featuring a Trump flag folded on a chair behind her. She later came out and claimed it was not her flag.

Larson’s journey on The Bachelor will continue tonight on ABC at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

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