Rachael Kirkconnell Returns to Instagram Following Public Apology

Rachael Kirkconnell

ABC Rachael Kirkconnell.

Rachael Kirkconnell has returned to Instagram, seven days after she released a statement and apology for her “past racist actions.”

Kirkconnell took to her Instagram stories on Friday afternoon, mostly for a good cause. First, the reality star shared a photo of her “mid-afternoon matcha” drink. She appeared to be sitting on a balcony that overlooked a pool area, though she didn’t appear to be in super-warm weather, as evidenced by her long-sleeved shirt.

She held the glass of tea at an angle with her baby blue nail polish visible. There were a few books on a table in front of her, but it’s unclear which books they are or if the books even belong to her.

She uploaded three more subsequent posts that offered information for anyone who wants to help the people in Texas following unusual freezing weather and snow fall.

Here’s what you need to know:

Rachael Kirkconnell Shared a Post by CHNGE & Other Resources for People to Help the Residents of Texas

Following her matcha pic, Kirkconnell shared the above post from CHNGE. The post offers some perspective for those who are unfamiliar with what residents in Texas have been going through this week.

In addition to millions of people being without power (that means no heat for many), there is also a boil water order in place.

“Nearly seven million people in the US state of Texas have been told to boil tap water before consuming it after a deadly winter storm caused power,” the post reads.

Next, Kirkconnell shared a resource guide for anyone who wants to help. In addition to tips for people who are living through this challenging time, there is also a link for people to donate money. There is also an extensive list for “warming shelters” all over the affected areas of the state.

Kirkconnell’s final post of the day (so far), she shared another resource for anyone who can help.

“Praying for Texas and anyone affected by this winter storm,” Kirkconnell captioned the photo. “Donate, call, share, volunteer, PRAY. Help in any way you can,” she added.

Matt James Has Also Been Posting About Giving Back to the Community

As many fans probably know, Matt James co-founded ABCFoodTours with Tyler Cameron. The organization is dedicated to producing “great experiences for underserved students around the world,” according to its website.

A few days ago, James posted the above to Instagram, sharing that he was able to give back to his community this past Valentine’s Day.

More recently, James took to his Instagram feed as well as his stories to share the Hack the Hood fundraiser with his fans.

“Did you know only 5% of tech jobs are filled by Black leaders? This Black History Month, help us ensure Black, Latinx, and Indigenous learners have access to the tech and data literacy skills they need to succeed. Your support will help 200 learners receive mentorship, internship, and continued educational opportunities along with an 8-week empowering boot camp experience,” reads the Hack the Hood’s website.

It seems like he and Kirkconnell are on the same page when it comes to helping others and giving back.

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