Rachel Lindsay Reveals Whether or Not She Accepts Chris Harrison’s Apology

Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay.

ABC Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay.

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay was on the receiving end of one of Chris Harrison’s apologies during his first interview since stepping down as host of The Bachelor.

On Thursday morning, Harrison spoke with Michael Strahan on Good Morning America to discuss his controversial Extra interview with Lindsay in which he admits to “excusing historical racism.” The dating competition host revealed he has previously apologized to Lindsay in private.

“I am saddened and shocked at how insensitive I was in that interview with Rachel Lindsay,” Harrison told Strahan. “And I didn’t speak from my heart, and that is to say I stand against all forms of racism, and I am deeply sorry. I’m sorry to Rachel Lindsay and I’m sorry to the Black community.”

Later that day, Billy Bush asked the Extra correspondent if she accepted his apology.

“I do accept the apology, Billy, and I think it’s important for me to say that because you know I haven’t really talked about Chris and the statement because I’m not trying to make this a Chris versus Rachel,” said Lindsay. “But the fact that once again, you know this isn’t the first time he’s apologized to me, he apologized again on GMA today and I do accept that and I think it’s important for me to say that because we need to move forward and for me, for us to move forward I need to accept the apology so we can all be better from this situation which is what we want.”

Since the Extra interview, Lindsay has received backlash from supporters of Harrison, eventually being driven off of Instagram. Bachelor Nation producers released a statement condemning the harassment on Monday.

Revealing they haven’t talked since Lindsay quit Instagram, Harrison added, “To anyone who is throwing hate toward Rachel Lindsay, please stop. It is unacceptable.”

Lindsay admitted to Bush, “I wasn’t expecting him, you know to address what’s been going on with me because this is the first time we’ve heard from Chris but the fact that he did address the harassment and the hate that I’ve been receiving, I really appreciated that.”

Lindsay Believes the ‘Extra’ Interview Sparked Important Conversations

Harrison’s future with the franchise remains unknown, though he made it clear to Strahan he wants to return as host of the dating competition. Now that Lindsay accepted his apology, Bush questioned what happens next.

“In 2020 it was all about people realizing things that they hadn’t before,” the Higher Learning co-host explained. “It was a level of awareness that was created that people hadn’t necessarily recognized. And out of that also came conversations that we should be having, whether they’re tough, uncomfortable, whatever it may be. Isn’t that what this should be as well? ”

She continued, “It’s bigger than just The Bachelor. It’s bigger than just a reality TV show. There are a lot of issues that have come up because of this interview and I think it’s important that we continue the conversation. We continue to move forward and I think that’s the best thing we can hope out of all of this.”

Lindsay, who co-hosts the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, has previously expressed her time with the franchise will be over when her current contract ends.

Strahan Called Harrison’s Apology ‘Surface’

Harrison referred to himself as an “imperfect man” during his interview with Strahan, saying “I believe that mistake doesn’t reflect who I am or what I stand for. I am committed to the progress, not just for myself, also for the franchise.”

However, Strahan told his Good Morning America co-hosts that “His apology is his apology, but it felt like I got nothing more than a surface response on any of this. Obviously, he’s a man who clearly wants to stay on the show, but only time will tell if there’s any meaning behind his words.”

Strahan also reported Harrison has been working with “race educators and strategists along with faith leaders and scholars.”

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