Rachel Lindsay Reveals She’s ‘Mad’ at Herself For How She Handled Chris Harrison Interview

Rachel Lindsay and Chris Harrison

Getty Rachel Lindsay and Chris Harrison.

Rachel Lindsay has revealed she has some regrets about how she handled her controversial February 2021 interview with Chris Harrison.

In a segment on “Extra,” the former “Bachelor” host defended contestant Rachael Kirkconnell’s past attendance at a racist college party. Kirkconnell, who competed on – and won—Matt James’ season of the ABC dating show, was also accused of liking racially-insensitive social media posts, according to Insider.

In an interview on the “Tell Me With Ellen Pompeo” podcast, Lindsay revealed that she’s “mad” at herself for not stepping in as Harrison ranted about the “woke police” and made other controversial comments when she interviewed him. Noting that she still has “PTSD” from the incident, the former “Bachelorette” star told Pompeo’s podcast that after Harrison stepped back from “The Bachelor” franchise over the interview,  she was labeled as “a person who likes to cancel people.”

“Then to add on top of it, Chris became a martyr for cancel culture to a huge audience, and so people who didn’t watch the show then started to say, ‘Oh, she canceled him,’ and then I got attached to that as well,” she added. “So it went beyond just what happened with the show and that interview.”

Rachel Lindsay Said She Was ‘Mad’ At Herself For Not Debating With Harrison More, But Some Fans Are Glad She Stayed Silent

Chris Harrison & Rachel Lindsay Talk ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Rachael Kirkconnell“The Bachelor” contestant Rachael Kirkconnell made headlines after photos emerged of her at an antebellum plantation-themed fraternity formal in 2018. There are also allegations that she had liked racist social media posts and more. “Extra’s” Rachel Lindsay caught up with Chris Harrison to get his thoughts on the matter.2021-02-10T01:41:15Z

Lindsay also explained why she was mad at herself for not interrupting Harrison during his rant.

“I don’t know if I’ve ever said this, but I was a little mad at myself,” Lindsay told the podcast. “I have a bit of a temper. I’m extremely opinionated. I like a good debate and I was mad at myself that I was silent. …There were so many things that I wanted to say, and I didn’t… You know, it was an interview and you had to allow him to say what he wanted to say. But a part of me was really upset with myself because I felt like there was more I could have said, and I felt like I didn’t stand up for myself.”

But in a Reddit thread, many fans said Lindsay did the right thing because it showed a side of Harrison that viewers had never seen before.

“I’m glad she stayed silent,” one fan wrote of Lindsay. “It allowed the conversation to be about Chris (for the most part). I know she wanted to stand up for herself but he probably wouldn’t have been fired if she got into an argument with him.”

“100% she would have been cast as the ‘angry black woman,’” another added. “By staying silent she allowed Chris to show his a**. Cannot imagine how hard that must have been though.”

Others thought that Lindsay had “intentionally” let Harrison rant so he could “dig his own grave with the franchise.”

“I feel like if she spoke up, he could’ve backtracked but her listening let his rant continue,” one viewer wrote.

Rachel Lindsay Was Shocked When Harrison Left ‘The Bachelor’ Franchise

Chris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay.

ABCChris Harrison and Rachel Lindsay.

Despite the backlash that Harrison received – and his martyrdom by some fans – Lindsay revealed that she never expected him to leave the ABC franchise he hosted since 2002. After Harrison announced his departure from “The Bachelor” franchise in June 2021, Lindsay told Entertainment Tonight, “I gotta say, I am [shocked]. I wasn’t expecting for it to happen.

Lindsay hinted that reactions to Harrison’s actions by some stars from the ABC franchise may have helped facilitate the longtime host’s exit.

“We can only speculate,” she said, before adding, “I think several past contestants coming forward and saying they didn’t want him to be part of ‘Paradise.’ I think Katie Thurston, her very last tweet before she went to film her season was that Chris needed to step away.”

Lindsay also revealed that Harrison’s apologized to her and she accepted.

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