‘Bachelorette’ Notes a Big Regret As ‘Unnecessarily Messy’ Divorce Proceeds

Rachel Lindsay Regret

Heavy Rachel Lindsay revealed one big regret she has about her marriage.

A former lead from “The Bachelorette” is opening up about the end of her marriage and the regrets she has. Rachel Lindsay found love with Bryan Abasolo during season 13 of the show. They got married, but now are in the midst of a divorce.

Lindsay joined Bachelor Nation alum Natasha Parker for the June 6 episode of Parker’s “Hidden Gems” podcast. During the podcast, “The Bachelorette” star shared details about her faltering relationship with Abasolo and admitted the divorce has become “unnecessarily messy.”

“I don’t have regrets. I don’t regret it,” Lindsay admitted of her relationship with Abasolo. She noted, however, “There’s (sic) certain things I wish I would have done differently like a prenup.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Rachel Lindsay & Bryan Abasolo Weren’t on the ‘Same Page’ About a Prenuptial Agreement Before Marrying

As Lindsay introduced herself during Parker’s podcast, “The Bachelorette” star noted right now she’s “A woman who is going through a lot of transitions, who is more vulnerable than people think, and just taking things day by day.”

Lindsay admitted the couple did not have a prenuptial agreement. “The reason I didn’t is because the place that I’m in now is, you know, financially…is totally different than when I got married.”

“We were more leveled, and I wasn’t in California…It was just a different time, and so I wasn’t leading with that. And we weren’t on the same page with prenups,” Lindsay noted.

She admitted, “I just didn’t want it to be a bigger issue, so we didn’t have one. And, you know, hindsight’s 20-20. I would have done it.” Now, she says, “Everybody should have a prenup…It doesn’t mean you’re planning for a divorce. It’s just smart.”

“The Bachelorette” star added, “That’s why a prenup is necessary, because you’re dealing with dissolving a marriage, and you’re two different people.” She continued, “My mistake is expecting that the people will be handling it in the same way. And they just don’t.”

The Divorce Filing Was Not ‘Amicable’

Even though “every day is a struggle,” Lindsay noted, “great things are happening.” She added that she’s “a woman who’s both scared and excited for what’s next.”

Lindsay reflected on the journey she has been on, both personally and professionally, since being “The Bachelorette.” She shared, “I had a successful relationship. Everybody loved that it was successful, and now it’s not.”

She continued, “Turns out it’s not. And it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t at times. It just didn’t end that way. It didn’t have a happy ending.”

“The Bachelorette” acknowledged that right now, with the divorce in process, life is “messy, unnecessarily messy.” Lindsay indicated the split with Abasolo was “amicable,” but added, “The way [the divorce] was filed was not [amicable]. I just want to be clear.”

The former “Bachelorette” explained the couple was having issues before Abasolo filed for divorce. However, she added, “We were trying to work on it.”

As the divorce process progresses, Lindsay confirmed for now, she and Abasolo are living in the same home. She also admitted that while they both knew there were issues in the marriage, the divorce has become “unnecessarily nasty.”

Lindsay said she wasn’t sure she would ever get married again. She explained, “I definitely want a partner in life. I want adventure.” She added, “I want fun. I want a best friend.” While “The Bachelorette” star knows she wants all of that, she is not sure whether marriage is a part of that.

When Parker asked if Lindsay is dating yet, she replied, “I’m not dating…if you had asked me this question three months ago, I would have told you that I am asexual and antisocial. I’m no longer that.

She added, “I feel like I’m getting my confidence back.” Lindsay said she’d “like to close this chapter…so we can both move on and go our separate ways.” Then, she can embrace dating again.