‘Bachelorette’ Pair Resists ‘Pressure to Perform,’ Celebrates ‘Now We Are Free’

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Fans within “Bachelor Nation” typically love following their favorite contestants after seasons have aired, sometimes for many years. Oftentimes, every social media post is scrutinized, and any lack of posts gets analyzed too. This is especially the case for couples from the franchise. Former “Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay and her husband, Bryan Abasolo, however, have gone a different way with their relationship. They have chosen to keep their marriage quite private, and in a recent blog post, Lindsay explained why.

Here’s what you need to know:

Lindsay & Abasolo Used to Feel Pressure From Fans

In the July 28 post that Lindsay shared on her website Honestly, Rach, the former “Bachelorette” star was sometimes blunt in addressing one common question she and her husband get often. “The most common questions I get on social media are: where is Bryan and when are you having babies?” She noted she addressed the baby-related question a while ago, recently explaining that the couple was “already taking steps” toward building their family. Now, she’s tackling the other question.

“The Bachelorette” fans do not necessarily see a lot of posts on Instagram from Lindsay or Abasolo, and they rarely do appearances together like many other franchise veterans do. They both work steadily, pursuing their professional passions rather than chasing an influencer life. As a result, fans often worry the couple’s marriage is in trouble. In her new post, Lindsay wrote, “Let me be frank, Bryan is none of your business. I am joking… well half joking.”

Lindsay understands the ongoing interest from “Bachelorette” fans, given the fact the couple met on reality television. She explained in the years since their season aired, they have shifted in their thinking regarding what they share online. “I remember at the beginning of our relationship we found ourselves concerned about how we were acting in public and continuously felt the pressure to perform for social media because that is what the people wanted.”

The Couple Felt They Were “Drifting Away” From Who They Really Were

As a result of the pressure they felt, Lindsay and Abasolo felt “miserable,” and “we were slowly drifting away from the core of Bryan and Rachel.” They realized that instead, they started to morph into “the RnB narrative that the world created for us.” Lindsay noted that their “contractual public story” ended on August 7, 2017. Once the “Bachelorette” pair was no longer under contract with the show, they decided, “we wanted to control the future of our relationship.”

Lindsay explained, “Now we are free, and we jointly decided to pull away from the public eye to build a strong, solid foundation.” She pointed out that “Social media is not a reflection of reality,” and promised even if they do not publicly post on social media very often, they’re fine. In fact, she noted, “We are good over here privately cherishing our love and building a future as one san social media.”

“Bachelor Nation” fans can be rather divisive when it comes to Lindsay. A handful of Redditors, however, applauded her frank take on keeping her marriage private. “You know it’s more real when it’s private,” one person suggested. “The smartest thing reality stars can do is keep their relationships sacred,” another franchise fan noted. Someone else wrote, “She and Bryan deserve to continue to live their beautiful and seemingly authentic and healthy lives in peace. Nothing needs to be ‘defended.’”

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