Former ‘Bachelorette’ Slams Dale Moss

Dale Moss

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Dale Moss at the e1972 fashion show.

Former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is not happy with Dale Moss. In an interview with Us Weekly, Lindsay explained that she was really rooting for Clare Crawley and Moss, and she was disappointed with Moss. She also shared that she thinks that the rumors — likely referring to the infidelity rumors — surrounding Moss and Crawley’s relationship — seem to be true.

“I’m so disappointed by this breakup because I was down for Clare and Dale. I am close with Clare. I love Clare. She was so happy with Dale. And even when Bryan and I were with them, they seemed very happy with one another,” Lindsay told the outlet.

“And I know there were all these rumors about Dale — and I think that’s what’s so disappointing is meeting them, I wouldn’t have assumed that these rumors could possibly be true. And the more that time goes by since the breakup, it seems like the rumors were true,” Lindsay added.

Crawley and Moss broke off their engagement a few weeks ago. They had been together for about six months before deciding to go their separate ways.

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Rachel Lindsay Feels That Dale Moss Wants to Be in the Spotlight

Rachel Lindsay Stops By Love After Lockup Panel

Getty ImagesRachel Lindsay on the red carpet for ‘Love After Lockup’ series panel.

Even since his split from Clare Crawley, Dale Moss has been very active on social media. He’s been posting quite a few photos and videos of himself, and these things have been rubbing Lindsay the wrong way.

“It seems like Dale is all about himself. It seems like he wants to be in the spotlight. I find it a big coincidence, maybe not so much of a coincidence, that he keeps finding his way to a camera or to his Instagram lives — get off,” she told Us Weekly.

She went on to comment on how Crawley appears to be taking things day by day and isn’t trying to get attention on social media. Lindsay also noted that Crawley’s purpose in going on The Bachelorette wasn’t a secret, and not only did viewers and fans know that Crawley wanted to get married and have children, but that Moss was also well aware.

“To now say they were on different pages is such a cop out to me. You knew what she wanted and if that’s not what you wanted, then you never should have gotten down on one knee and made her think for a second that she could spend the rest of her life with you,” Lindsay told the outlet.

‘Bachelor’ Ben Higgins Previously Slammed Dale Moss for ‘Blindsiding’ Clare Crawley

Rachel Lindsay isn’t the only lead cast member who has spoken out about Clare Crawley and Dale Moss’ split. In an interview with Access Hollywood, Ben Higgins sounded off on his feelings about the split, slamming Moss for “blindsiding” Crawley.

“That she found out they were parting ways when everybody else did, I think that’s completely inappropriate on his part. I think it’s so wrong that that’s the way this went down,” Higgins told Access Hollywood.

“I don’t know the behind-the-scenes and why they split, but there’s nothing that could bring it up to a place where she would be blindsided publicly and have to respond publicly without knowing where they stood,” he added. You can watch his full interview in the video above.

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