SPOILERS: Reality Steve Reveals What Happened Between Rachel Recchia & Tino Franco

Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco

ABC Reality Steve spoils the "Bachelorette" finale.

As fans anxiously await the “Bachelorette” finale which is set to air on Tuesday, September 20, 2022, Reality Steve has revealed spoilers that explain what went down between Rachel Recchia and Tino Franco after the show wrapped.

Warning: Major “Bachelorette” spoilers below.

In his September 7, 2022, blog post, Reality Steve revealed that Recchia and Franco had split. The two did end up getting engaged on the finale in Mexico, but they broke things off a short time later.

Previews for the finale show a heated argument between Franco and Recchia in which Recchia asks Franco why he did something, leading fans to think that Franco cheated — but there’s a lot more to it.

Earlier this month, Reality Steve didn’t have all the details about what happened between the two, but he has since gotten the confirmation that he needed to share what transpired.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reality Steve Said Recchia Told Franco She Wanted to Give the Ring Back

In his September 15, 2022, podcast, Reality Steve said that Recchia had a conversation with Franco after filming had wrapped in which she told him that she wanted to give her engagement ring back. She didn’t say that she wanted to break up, but she did say that she didn’t want the ring.

“I don’t know what led to not talking, but I think I have an idea based on, kind of, something that I heard. Essentially, Rachel told Tino that when she moves to LA, she wants to give the ring back and she just wanted to date him. And that didn’t sit well with Tino,” Reality Steve said.

From there, Recchia and Franco stopped talking for a period of time. Reality Steve revealed that Franco “kissed a woman” after Recchia told him that she didn’t want the ring.

“It was somebody… I don’t think it was an ex-girlfriend,” Steve said, adding that the woman doesn’t want to come forward or be a part of the drama in any way.

So, Where Are Recchia & Franco Now?

Franco “came forward and told Rachel about this kiss,” Reality Steve said. And while Franco does feel bad and “is sorry” for what happened, he and Recchia aren’t back together.

Tino “understands Rachel wanting to end the relationship” because he kissed someone else. “I think Tino feels he should have told her right away, and he waited. And by waiting, it got worse. And then when he did tell her, it was like, ‘wait, why didn’t you tell me this earlier?'” Reality Steve said.

“They’re done. They aren’t getting back together,” Steve said.

Fans reacted to the news on Reddit.

“It’s weird about her wanting to just date him when she insisted on the show, she wanted an engagement. I still feel bad for her since Tino cheated on her even though it was just a kiss,” one person wrote.

“i think Rachel probably had a reason to want to give the ring back and just date. Perhaps all the IG model likes etc?” someone else added.

“I’m sorry but after the little meltdown Rachel had over Aven not being positive about getting engaged, she decides to give the ring back to Tino and only date him? Girl….. I got the vibe that she was more upset about the Aven thing because she was embarrassed, not because she didn’t get where he was coming from. And this further solidifies my opinion,” a third Redditor said.

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