Reality Steve Isn’t Sold on ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers, Reveals Different Potential Winner

Matt James poses holding a red rose.

ABC Matt James.

Reality Steve has thrown a bit of a curve ball into the mix, three weeks into the current season of The Bachelor.

Warning: Bachelor spoilers below.

Reality Steve hasn’t solidified the woman who wins Matt James’ heart this season, but he seems to be leaning toward Rachael Kirkconnell for numerous reasons. The first, is that Kirkconnell is the person that he’s hearing the most chatter about. Although he hasn’t said that Kirkconnell is engaged to James for certain, Steve came out with the name straight away, and even confirmed that he’s heard that her family is telling everyone the exciting news.

Now, one day after episode three of The Bachelor aired, Reality Steve has some new scoop. He’s still not going 100 percent in on it, but he has been hearing that Bri Springs could be the last woman standing.

Here’s what you need to know:

Reality Steve Isn’t Trusting ‘Word of Mouth’ & Says the Winner Could Be Either Rachael or Bri

Reality Steve is having a hard time with spoilers for this season of The Bachelor, mainly due to the nature of filming. Since the show is being filmed all in one location due to the coronavirus pandemic, it hasn’t been as easy for him to get information, especially by way of tips that the public would send him.

It’s not surprising that he isn’t 100 percent sure on this season’s winner, for that reason alone. However, after Heavy reported that Matt James was “caught” listening to Kirkconnell’s Spotify playlist over the weekend, Reality Steve’s first spoilers seemed more than likely true. However, there absolutely could be a twist, based on what the blogger claims he’s hearing.

“I still haven’t gotten the confirmation I need in terms of Rachael, but what I was told post-show, everyone in Cumming, GA, running their mouth and saying Matt chose Rachael, along now with the Spotify slip-up, it certainly is pointing in that direction. Have I also been told he picked Bri? Yeah, I have. So clearly he didn’t pick two people, meaning one of those is flat out wrong. That’s why I say I’m trying to confirm things. Signs point to Rachael. I’m just looking for something even more solid than what’s out there. Word of mouth has never been good enough for me. I will keep at it and hopefully be able to get a solid confirmation of who he chose soon,” Reality Steve wrote on his blog.

Matt James’ Top 4 Have Been Confirmed by Reality Steve

While his spoilers have been a bit slow to come out this season, Reality Steve is pretty confident in Matt James’ top four women. He even has sorted them by when they will go home. So, the four women who will get Hometown dates are Serena Pitt, Bri Springs, Michelle Young, and Rachael Kirkconnell.

According to Reality Steve’s order, Serena Pitt will be sent home after Matt James meets her family, leaving Bri, Michelle, and Rachael for the Fantasy Suite dates. From there, it looks like Bri is going home — unless she ends up being the person that Matt James picks. Sticking with the Kirkconnell rumors, it looks like it will be Michelle Young will be a part of the final two.

And, in case you’re wondering who Michelle Young is, she will be one of the five women that will be joining Matt James’ love journey next week.

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