Reality Steve Teases a Possible Switch in ‘Bachelorette’ Winners

Tayshia Adams

ABC/Craig Sjodin Tayshia Adams holds the final rose of 'The Bachelorette' season 16.

Stop reading if you do not want spoilers on season 16 of The Bachelorette.

For weeks, it seemed The Bachelorette finale was set in stone. Yet, after Reality Steve admitted to reporting incorrect information, the whole season is in question. With the uncertainty of what Tuesday holds, the man behind Bachelor Nation’s biggest spoilers is sharing the various theories he’s heard, including a possible switch in who Tayshia Adams is dating.

“Over the last month, I’ve had two different people tell me that Tayshia chose Zac [Clark] at the end, at some point after filming they broke things off and that she is currently back in touch with Brendan [Morais] and they are slowly working on a relationship,” Reality Steve’s Steve Carbone wrote. He added, “I honestly have no idea if it’s true. And how can I put much confidence into it when I never got the confirmation I felt I needed to run with it?”

Carbone has been open about his difficulty learning and vetting rumors during this season of The Bachelorette since it was filmed entirely in a production bubble at the La Quinta Resort and Club. These reports fall in line with previous rumors Adams chose Clark while still having feelings for Morais.

Before Carbone had issued his correction, he reported Morais quit the show in fourth place. At the time, he wrote, “From what I’ve heard, Brendan is who Tayshia wanted. And when he left, she was pretty distraught but still ended up picking somebody. I was told Zac was the one who opened up to her the most and professed his love, whereas it was much tougher for Ben, so ultimately she picked Zac.” The status of her relationship with Clark seemed unclear.

We now know Morais’ quitting in fourth place was not the case after seeing Ben Smith’s elimination, Carbone still thinks Morais’ exit is a possibility.

“Does Brendan self eliminate? Even that I don’t know anymore. Based on the previews for next week that was shown last night, looks like that’s what they’re setting up. But am I 100% sure it does? No,” Carbone wrote on his website.

If the reports are accurate, Adams’ actions would be more in line with former Bachelors such as Jason Mesnick, Aerie Luyendyk and Peter Weber.

This Season’s Production Bubble Has Made It Difficult for Carbone to Obtain and Verify Spoilers

Carbone shocked fans who were keeping up with this season when he announced an update to his previous spoilers. He revealed this season has been harder to verify.

“Crazy year. Up is down. Left is right. And frankly, quarantine season was a lot harder to figure out than I ever thought it would be,” he said.

Carbone opened up about his process, saying, “I deliver the spoilers as I see fit. I get a lot of things spoiler-wise during the course of a season that I never even run with, I have to vet out what I believe to be correct information versus, well, information that isn’t correct.”

He added, “There’s stuff I’m told that I don’t run with that ends up being true. It’s rare, but it has happened.” He said most of the information he does not share ends up being inaccurate.

The End of the Series Is Still Unknown

“As for the end result this season, at this point, it’s anybody’s guess,” wrote Carbone. “I do not know for sure what happens as of now.”

His previous spoilers have been contradicted, originally reporting Smith and Clark are the final two. With Smith gone, it remains to be seen if Ivan Hall makes the final two men and if Clark actually wins Adams’ heart, for however briefly.

Adams’ journey concludes this week on ABC, with episodes airing Monday and Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern.

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