‘Bachelor’ Star Mourns Devastating Loss: “Our Hearts Are Shattered Beyond Comprehension’

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A former “Bachelor” star just shared heartbreaking news with her fans, and she was immediately flooded with support to help her during this difficult time. Sarah Herron was overjoyed in September 2022 to tell “Bachelor Nation” she was pregnant. Getting to that point had been difficult, as Herron and her fiance, Dylan Brown, had navigated significant fertility difficulties. In March 2021, Herron revealed she had been trying to get pregnant for some time already, and after a series of tests, she learned her chances of conceiving without medical interventions were quite slim. Herron and Brown started working through fertility treatments, and after some major disappointments and setbacks, a successful IVF embryo transfer gave Herron and Brown reason to celebrate. Sadly, her pregnancy took a devastating turn in recent days.

Sarah Herron & Dylan Brown’s Son Oliver Was Born at 24 Weeks

On February 1, Herron shared a devastating update via her Instagram page. “On January 28th, at 24 weeks old, our beautiful son Oliver Brown was born,” the former “Bachelor” star began. “He passed away in his dad’s arms shortly after,” she continued.

“There are no words for the magnitude of loss and pain we’re experiencing. It’s beautiful and simultaneously tragic. He had my nose and his dad’s mouth and long fingers.”

Herron noted that Oliver, the couple’s “IVF miracle,” had defied the odds and fought hard to join his parents. Despite that, “the higher powers still had other plans for the three of us,” and noted, “his legacy will always be larger than life to us.” Herron admitted they would “never understand the cruelty of it all,” but they felt comfort that “our son’s soul only ever knew love and will not suffer in a body that wasn’t built for this life.”

Herron’s ‘Bachelor Nation’ Supporters Flooded Her Post With Love

Some fans on “The Bachelor” Reddit sub had started to worry about Herron and her pregnancy, hoping their concern was all for nothing. She shared a baby bump update on her Instagram page on January 10, noting she was 22 weeks pregnant and would have her anatomy scan the following day. However, Herron did not post any scan result updates. Sadly, those who had a feeling something had happened had been right. Herron received thousands of comments on her Instagram post about Oliver, from both fans and other former “Bachelor Nation” contestants.

“Oh sweet Sarah. I’m so sorry… Oliver will remain a shining light in this world for you and Dylan,” wrote former “Bachelorette” Emily Maynard. “I’m so beyond sorry [and] my heart is absolutely broken for you. Every time I logged on to Instagram I was so excited to see an update from you. I know it’s hard to believe now, but god is going to redeem your story in such a big way, I promise,” Maynard continued.

“Oliver you are so loved. Sarah you are the most amazing mother and your strength through everything to fight so hard for your son has been nothing less than beautiful to witness,” added Clare Crawley.

“Sarah, I am so sorry. My love, thoughts and prayers are with you, Dylan and Oliver,” wrote fellow “Bachelor in Paradise” veteran Jared Haibon.

“I would do anything to take away this pain for you. Oliver will always be with you and I know you and Dylan will keep his memory alive no matter what,” detailed Ashley Spivey, who experienced a somewhat similar loss of her own two years ago. “He will visit you in small ways and you will live for those moments. I’m telling my Dad and CJ to show him the ropes and give him lots of hugs. Love you so much,” the former “Bachelor” star continued, referencing her son CJ, whom she lost at 31 weeks.

Herron took to her Instagram stories on February 2 to thank everybody for their love and support. She noted she thought she had read “all 8,000+ of them overnight,” and added it helped to hear what others had experienced themselves. “The Bachelor” star also shared a photo of her dog Rio snuggling a teddy bear. She explained, “The hospital gave us the teddy bear that was in Oliver’s bassinet… We gave it to [Rio] as soon as we got home and Rio didn’t try to chew it or destroy it, he just slept with it tightly under his chin. His baby.”

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