Contestant on ‘The Bachelor’ Self Eliminates

Matt James rose ceremony

ABC Matt James leads a rose ceremony on episode one of The Bachelor.

After getting a one-on-one date during the first week, Sarah Trott seemed like an early frontrunner in the competition for Matt James’ heart. Yet, tonight marked the end of her time on The Bachelor.

“Our connection is amazing but like I’ve been processing it and like I’m just like doubting everything and like if I’m ready for this; if I can truly do this,” the former journalist said to James after showing up at his house. “And I told you how important family is to me and like being away from them, I think it’s just like weighing so hard on me.”

She continued, “I just feel like so alone here and I was just like completely attacked by so many of the women in the house and I just feel like I’m not welcome.” She went on to call some of the other women “cruel and malicious.”

Trott’s time on the dating show took a dramatic turn during Monday night’s episode after receiving blowback from her fellow castmates for crashing the cocktail party of a group date. After her apology was met with criticism, being called calculated, manipulative and toxic, she chose to self-eliminate. She also cited difficulty being away from her family while her dad battles ALS as motivation to quit.

Despite James insisting he wanted her to stay, she told him she had prayed about her decision and felt it was right for her to leave.

Trott Spiraled After Crashing a Group Date Cocktail Party

During a group date where the contestants had to write “love stories” to be read aloud in front of James, the contestants not on the date were brought in to serve as the audience. Hearing the raunchy stories seemed to get the best of Trott, who decided to interrupt the cocktail party portion of the evening.

“I just feel like emotionally exhausted,” Trott said. “It like kills me to think like he’s having these special moments with other women too. I just worry if I can’t get past this, it’s really going to be a roadblock in my relationship with Matt and now I feel like I should do something about it.”

After interrupting Katie Thurston during her one-on-one time with James, she apologized to the group. The next day she spent most of her time alone in her room before returning to the group to apologize again.

“I was planning on going home just because I was really overwhelmed by this process and I wanted to talk about that with him face-to-face, right. I knew what I was getting into, I just didn’t expect it to get this difficult this fast,” she explained.

The apology was poorly received, especially among “Queen” Victoria Larson, Kit Keenan, Anna Redman and Serena Chew.

After the confrontation, Thurston attempted to talk the podcast host into staying, telling her to follow through with her connection with James. Trott also confided in her about the role her dad’s illness played in her decision to leave.

Trott Needed Medical Attention At the Start of the Episode

Tonight’s episode picked up moments after last week’s “to be continued.” For Trott, who went into the night with a rose from her one-on-one date, it picked up as she was close to passing out. In the middle of the rose ceremony, she stumbled away from the other contestants aided by Bri Springs.

“I’m like seeing stars,” she said after getting in the crouching position. When the medics arrived, she reiterated, “I’m blacking out, I can’t see.”

James rushed to her side, pausing the rose ceremony, but after she was deemed fine he finished handing out his roses and saying his goodbyes.

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