Former Bachelor Stars Bash ‘Mean’ Cast for Bullying Sarah Trott

The Bachelor

ABC The cast of season 25 of The Bachelor.

sarah Trott’s time on The Bachelor started strong, but burned out extraordinarily fast. After getting one of the first one-on-one dates of the season, Trott struggled with feelings of jealousy and was ostracized by the other women when she interrupted a group date in episode three.

After a heated confrontation with the other women on the show — including plenty of them piling on Trott — she told Matt James that she made the decision to leave the show.

The way Trott was treated by the other contestants didn’t sit well with many viewers of the show, including some of the most famous alumni of the franchise.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Stars Called Out the ‘Mean’ Cast

One of the quickest to defend Trott was Demi Burnett from season 23 of The Bachelor. While she initially tweeted “u went on the bachelor wtf did u think would happen” about Trott, it didn’t take long for Burnett to become annoyed with the reaction of other contestants.

That was a sentiment shared by others, including a pair of former show leads.

On season 20 of The Bachelor, Olivia Caridi was given a villain edit and bashed by other contestants on the show. On an episode of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever, she spoke about the way she was treated by the other women.

“I’m sure a lot of it was deserved, but I did feel like some of it was a little ruthless,” Caridi said. “It affected me. It was, like, making fun of my physical attributes that I can’t change.”

The lead of that season, Ben Higgins, apologized to Caridi for not standing up to her during and after the show. So it’s not surprising that Caridi was bothered by the way Trott was treated by the group on episode three.

Caridi said she has reached out to Trott.

Katie Thurston Earned Kudos for Her Handling of the Incident

If any contestant had the right to be annoyed and frustrated with Trott, it was Katie Thurston. She was the one who was speaking with James during the after party of a group date when Trott came in to interrupt. What followed was an awkward back-and-forth with Thurston trying to barter her way back into a private conversation with James.

So it said a lot that Thurston was the one who extended an olive branch to Trott when seemingly every other contestant on the show decided to shun her. Thurston even implored Trott to stay on the show so James could explore all his connections.

Her maturity impressed the same group of Bachelor alumni who bashed the women for bullying Trott:

Thurston introduced herself to viewers with a historically bold limo entrance when she showed off her vibrator to James and the national television audience. Her sex positive attitude extends beyond that episode one entrance, though.

She also has a well-followed TikTok account where she once talked about having sex with ghosts and her childhood crush on Casper the Friendly Ghost.

Episode three was Thurston’s coming out party as more than just the sex-positive contestant on the show. She showed she’s also one of the most mature women competing for James’ final rose.

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