Sean Lowe & Catherine Giudici Welcome New Member to Their Family

Catherine Giudici, Sean Lowe.

Getty Images Catherine Giudici and Sean Lowe have expanded their family.

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have expanded their family — by four paws. The pair, who met on “The Bachelor,” welcomed a new puppy into their home, officially becoming a family of six.

Sean teased a big announcement coming from his home on April 18, 2022, but confirmed that it wasn’t a pregnancy. In typical Sean Lowe fashion, the father-of-three made a joke that his wife hasn’t allowed him to touch her since they had their third child.

A couple of hours later, Catherine shared that she and Sean welcomed a new fur baby into their lives.

“Another sweet boy to love. Gus Gus Lowe, everyone,” Catherine captioned an Instagram post, introducing the new pup.

“Well, Mia had a nice 2 year run, but that run is now over. Please say hello to my new favorite child, Gus,” Sean captioned a photo on his Instagram feed.

Here’s what you need to know:

Gus Gus Lowe Is a Bullmastiff

Sean and Catherine decided it was time to get another dog, and their kids seem super excited. In fact, in one of her Instagram Stories, Catherine shared that her son Samuel “has been talking about a dog” ever since their family dog passed away in 2021. “He is so, so happy,” she wrote.”

Catherine also shared a photo of the whole family together while she held Gus Gus.

“First photo of our family of six,” she captioned the shot. In the photo, Isaiah cuddled up to Sean, while Samuel had his arm on his new best fur bud. The Lowe’s youngest child, Mia, looked excited about the new addition as well, and was holding his leash while smiling big for the camera.

Sean confirmed that Gus Gus is a bullmastiff in the comments section of his post. Male bullmastiffs grow to be between 110 and 130 pounds, according to the American Kennel Club.

“Bullmastiffs are possessive, territorial, loyal dogs with an innate sense of who does and who doesn’t belong on one’s property. They seem impelled to stop intruders yet are (or certainly should be) more than willing to accept those people accepted by their masters,” mastiff breeder Sherry Boldt told the AKC.

Sean & Catherine Mourned the Loss of Their Dog Ellie in 2021 & Lola in 2016

On February 24, 2021, Sean shared the devastating news that his dog Ellie had died.

“Saying goodbye to a dog is just the worst. Especially when she’s the best dog in the world. Before Catherine, before my kids, before all the ‘Bachelor’ stuff, there was Ellie. My kids will never measure up to her greatness and I will let them know that daily,” Lowe’s Instagram caption read.

Sean took Ellie into his home 13 years before she died, and she became a part of his family when he married Catherine in 2014. Ellie was around for all three of Sean and Catherine’s human babies, and was a big part of the family.

In 2016, the Lowes said goodbye to pup Lola, who died just four month’s after the couple’s first son, Samuel, was born.

“We’re both crying like babies but we know we made the right choice for her. We’ll see you when we get there sweet Lola,” Lowe captioned an Instagram post at the time.

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