‘Bachelor’ Contestants Slam Shanae Ankney During Party for Elizabeth Corrigan

Shanae Ankne

ABC Shanae Ankney.

Clayton Echard’s  “Bachelor” contestants had a lot to say following the “Women Tell All” taping – and they did it with a sign.

During a girls’ night out to celebrate the birthdays of two contestants the night after they gathered for the “Women Tell All” taping, several women from Echard’s season partied while posing with a sign that said “F*** Shanae” on it.

Shanae Ankney was known as a troublemaker on Echard’s season of the ABC dating show. Her mean girl tactics to get time with “The Bachelor” culminated with her falsely accusing contestant Elizabeth Corrigan of bullying her, which resulted in her rival getting sent home by Echard. She also mocked Corrigan’s ADHD diagnosis and boasted on camera about how Echard believed her lies.

According to Us Weekly, during a night out on February 24 to celebrate Corrigan’s 33rd birthday and fellow alum Marlena Wesh’s 31st, fellow Clayton castoffs Genevieve Parisi, Ency Abedin, Mara Agrait, Eliza Isichei, Sierra Jackson,  Kira Mengistu, and Jane Paik partied at the Doheny Room in West Hollywood and were greeted with the profanity-laden sign thanks to employees of the club who were in the know about Ankney’s antics on “The Bachelor.”

One Partygoer Apologized For the Mean-Spirited Sign

Ankney has yet to speak out about the sign directed at her, but one of her former co-stars did express regret for the situation. On her Instagram story, Parisi wrote that she regretted making fun of Ankney after previously telling her followers that employees “just knew” how bad “The Bachelor” villain was.

“Regarding the sign brought out at the club last night, I just want to reiterate that we didn’t ask for it and didn’t know it was coming to our table,”  she told fans. “That being said, it was insensitive for me to video it and post it to Instagram. Nobody is perfect and I’m learning as I go.”

Reality Steve Said He Can Understand Why the Other Women Were Saying ‘F*** Shanae’ Based on Her Behavior at WTA

Shanae Ankney

ABCShanae Ankney

In response to Parisi’s apology, “Bachelor” spoiler blogger Reality Steve Carbone hinted that the women were justified in posing with the sign.

“While I appreciate Genevieve running it back and apologizing for posting it, I think when people hear some of the stuff from the WTA that Shanae said, seems fair game to me,” the “Bachelor” blogger wrote on Twitter. “She can’t complain someone said ‘F Shanae’ when she said what she did.”

In a post on his RealitySteve.com blog, he revealed that Ankney was not at all remorseful for her actions on “The Bachelor.”

“Shanae never apologized for anything she did,” he revealed. “They also showed a video to everyone of all the stuff Shanae said about the women and it was unedited. Of course, when it airs on TV it will be bleeped out for us. But it wasn’t for them, and Shanae called Elizabeth CU Next Tuesday, and a bunch more b****es and hoe’s comments. …. A lot of arguing, some women told her to f*** off, and nothing got resolved. She didn’t apologize, none of the women like her, and that’s that.”

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